MYOB & Tanda provide complete control over workforce management.
Create, monitor, and manage rosters on one platform with Tanda, and integrate
your account with MYOB to stay compliant while processing payroll.
All of this, and more, is available in just a few clicks.

Get more power with MYOB + Tanda


Paperless Onboarding

Collect staff details without the paperwork and directly lodge important information, such as TFND and super funds, directly to the ATO.


Award Engine

Whether you’re using Fair Work’s regulations or have a custom EBA, Tanda’s award engine calculates all your pay needs.


Live Insights

Let your managers see real-time sales and staff wages anywhere in the world, wherever in the world they are.



Build it from scratch or use existing sales data for reference - however you do it, rostering only takes minutes.


Time Clock App

Never worry about inaccurate, paper-based timesheets again by having your staff clock in and out via Tanda’s time clock.


MYOB Integration

Easily sync your costed Tanda timesheets with MYOB to process payroll quickly and accurately.

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