Together MYOB + Kounta give you an end-to-end hospitality solution.
Kounta POS helps time-strapped operators grow more efficiently.
Your staff will pick it up in minutes, and it’s powerful enough to fuel growth
well beyond your first venue.

Get more power with MYOB + Kounta POS


Take orders from anywhere

Take orders at the counter, at the table or via online ordering apps. Easily handle variations and add notes, names and tables to orders. How easy is that?


Powerful customisation

Access smart, efficiency-boosting features to tailor service & kitchen workflows to your needs. Save time by integrating Kounta with MYOB, your payment terminal, staffing tools, loyalty programs, and more.


Make fast & informed decisions

Get the data you need to make fast informed decisions, sync it with MYOB and take the guesswork out of running your business. Realtime, across sites, wherever you are.


Pain free inventory

The days of admin heavy (dare we say sloppy) stock management practices are over. Managing inventory down to the ingredients for meals is a breeze.


Handle payments quickly

Quickly take payments at the counter, at the table or via online ordering apps. Split bills, add tips or apply surcharges and accept cash., credit cards, account sales and more.


MYOB Integration

Sync accounts, sales, invoices and much more. Map sites, products, payment types, tax codes and more to income accounts in MYOB to get detailed, accurate accounting data.

How are Kounta POS revolutionising the hospitality space?

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