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Important announcement about our AccountRight Classic (v19) software

As of 30th September 2019, MYOB will no longer provide features, patches, compliance updates or product support for AccountRight Classic (sometimes known as v19).

After this date anyone with a perpetual licence will still be able to access their file, but you will no longer have updates to your software. This means no new feature updates and no new compliance updates.

We will also no longer provide updates to ensure AccountRight works on new
Windows operating systems.

Here’s our Head of Product Dale Dixon with more.

Hundreds of thousands of businesses are already enjoying the benefits of working both offline and online with the latest AccountRight to get the job done (offline access is a key feature after all).

This includes electronic BAS, Single Touch Payroll and more.

Over the next 12 months we’ll be contacting you to help find a solution for your
AccountRight Classic customers.

How can you work with clients on this?

Check out our full Partner Toolkit below to help you work through this transition!

Important dates

June 2019

We’ll release a final FY19/20 compliance update.

30 September 2019

We’ll stop product support for our AccountRight Classic platform.

Watch the recording of the Live Q&A with Dale, Simon & Blake

The next steps

The impact of this decision on some of your clients isn’t lost on us – please see below for more information:

My client is using AccountRight Classic Toggle Section

If they have an MYOB subscription they’ll automatically have access to the new AccountRight. Give me the upgrade instructions.

If not, it’s a good idea to upgrade your client now to receive all the benefits of online accounting (including compliance updates).

My client is using AccountRight V19 with multi-currency Toggle Section

Multi-currency has been fully delivered and most users can upgrade to the latest version of AccountRight Premier for this functionality.
However, there are some multi-currency users impacted by the API limitations around writing to foreign currencies. These users have been given an extension to their product support to 31 Dec 2019, by which time the API will have been updated.

My client is using AccountRight V19 with M-Powered Services Toggle Section

M-Powered Payments is not supported in AccountRight 2019. We’re in the process of developing a supplier and payroll payments solution for the newer versions of AccountRight to replace M-Powered Payments. This will not be an exact replica of M-Powered Payments, but will give users the ability to pay supplier, employees, tax and more directly from AccountRight 2019. M-Powered Payments users have been given an extension to their product support to 31 Dec 2019, by which time the payments functionality will have been delivered.

In the meantime, users can upgrade to AccountRight 2019, create an ABA (Australian Banking Association) file, and load it up to internet banking or a business banking portal for payment. Bank feeds can then automatically allocate the payment in AccountRight.

My client is using AccountRight V19 with multi-location Toggle Section

Multi-location stock tracking has been fully delivered and users can upgrade to the latest version of AccountRight Premier for this functionality.

My client is using AccountRight V19 with negative inventory Toggle Section

Negative inventory is not currently supported in AccountRight 2019. If your clients require this feature, please connect with the MYOB team who will be able to assist.

My client is using Super Portal Toggle Section

Super Portal is not supported in the newer versions of AccountRight.

By moving to the newer version of AccountRight, you have access to Pay Super which gives you the ability to submit super with the click of the button directly from AccountRight. You can also control who can authorise payments and track payment processing status. Pay Super is a free service included in an AccountRight subscription however, as this is a live service, users will need an active subscription per each company file.

Users will need to complete the Pay Super application process to activate this service.

My client is using AccountRight V19 with add-ons Toggle Section

Most of our developer partners who have built integrations for v19 have in the past 5 years also developed integrations to AccountRight 2019. We recommend you contact your developer and ask about their integration support for AccountRight 2019. If you are unable to use your existing add-on with AccountRight 2019, we recommend checking out our directory of over 300 add-ons by visiting the MYOB App Marketplace.

I am using M-Powered Services with Accountants Office or Accounts Enterprise Toggle Section

Accountants Enterprise/Accountants Office and EXO clients who have M-Powered merchant facilities can continue to transaction and use their M-Powered Services as normal. However, from 1 Sept 2018, clients cannot add/change legal entities or ABNs on their accounts as to do this would require a new application.

Developers Toggle Section

We will be ending support of ODBC from September 2018. This means there will be no more technical integration support for new ODBC developments from September 2018. We recommend developers use Stack Overflow for future peer support with MYOB ODBC.

We will cease issuance of new ODBC licenses and keys from September 2018. This means that no new ODBC Keys will be issued, however any existing ODBC key will continue to work. OEM issued ODBC Keys will still be able to activate ODBC licences for clients. All other activations will cease.

We will cease activation of all ODBC licences and keys from August 2019 in alignment with the cease of support for AccountRight v19.

For more information on this please visit


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