MYOB pricing and billing changes

What’s changing?

MYOB Essentials is getting a new name - MYOB Business. This new name reflects the fact that this software now goes beyond the Essentials and is the powerful cloud-based business management software you have been asking for. Along with this will be a new pricing structure that provides even better value and more flexibility.

You can learn more about the MYOB Business subscription structure by clicking here.


When will this be happening?

We’ll be moving our existing MYOB Essentials customers to the new naming and pricing structure of MYOB Business, beginning from 1 May 2022.

We are rolling out the changes to naming and pricing in stages.


Phase 1: MYOB Essentials Connected Ledger files

MYOB Essentials Connected Ledger files will be moved first in May 2022. This is simply a name change, and the price will remain the same. This will include MYOB Essentials Connected Ledger + Payroll.

Future invoices, after May 2022, will show MYOB Essentials Connected Ledger as MYOB Business Connected Ledger.


Phase 2: All other MYOB Essentials files

We’ll begin moving all other MYOB Essentials products (Starter, Accounting & Accounting + Payroll) to the naming and pricing structure of MYOB Business in the new financial year. We know end of financial year is a busy and important time for our partners and customers, so we’ll be giving you adequate time and notice before any further changes are made, following MYOB Essentials Connected Ledger files.

You will receive more communications from us before Phase 2 begins.


Will MYOB AccountRight be changing as well?

MYOB AccountRight & MYOB Business subscription price will be adjusted from 1 September 2022 as follows:

  Per Month (inc GST)
MYOB AccountRight Basics $60.00
MYOB AccountRight Standard $74.00
MYOB AccountRight Plus $130.00
MYOB AccountRight Premier*
 *Premier price effective from 1 May 2022
MYOB Business Lite $28.00
MYOB Business Pro $53.00

The prices shown are the recommended retail price (RRP). Any current and valid offers will continue to be applied to the RRP.


How is this different to the launch of MYOB Business last year?

We introduced MYOB Business for new MYOB customers in late 2021.

We are now beginning the process of moving all existing subscriptions onto this new naming and pricing structure to simplify our product offering and provide more flexible pricing for our current customers.


What happened to MYOB Essentials (New)? Why is it MYOB Business now?

MYOB Business is the same product as MYOB Essentials (New), but with a fairer, more flexible pricing structure.

The workflows and way the product works will stay the same. There are some changes to limits when customers will move from MYOB Essentials Starter after the end of financial year.


I’m still on the previous generation of MYOB Essentials. What does this mean for me?

You will remain on your existing MYOB Essentials pricing structure until you are upgraded to MYOB Essentials (New) and then you will be moved to the new naming and pricing structure of MYOB Business.


I don’t use MYOB Essentials. Why did I get this message?

We like to keep our Partners across all changes happening at MYOB, so you’re better prepared to advise your clients.


Will this affect my current monthly or annual subscription cost?

Your subscription cost may be affected by the change to the new pricing structure.


Can I change my product subscription?
You and your clients can change your subscription between MYOB Business products in the MyAccount section of the product. See further information here.


Will MYOB Business replace MYOB AccountRight?

No, these changes will be happening to MYOB Essentials. MYOB AccountRight isn’t going anywhere soon, and we are continuing to invest in its functionality and performance.


I’m currently using MYOB RetailManager. What do these changes mean for me?

If you’re already on the new Essentials platform and have RetailManager connected, this will not be affected. RetailManager is now owned by AAAPOS. If you’d like to discuss getting the most out of your RetailManager software, you can visit the AAAPOS website.


Which version of MYOB will I/my clients move to?

Great question. You can view the subscription model here and use our pricing calculator to see which level of MYOB Business a file will move to in the new structure. Alternatively, you can easily find out which products your customers are on through the filtering on your MYOB Practice (Transaction Processing) Dashboard.


My clients want to use another software provider because MYOB has increased its prices. How can I persuade them to stay with MYOB?

We have been on a journey to re-platform our small to medium business product suite for some time, to simplify our product offering and accelerate our delivery. We started by moving MYOB Essentials onto the same platform as MYOB AccountRight, ensuring the data structure was the same and then introduced the MYOB AccountRight browser. This next step, combines our product line into one platform that enables us to provide clients with more flexibility through a single solution that offers true value for price, is easy to understand and can be customised to the business’s needs.

In short, we believe this new pricing structure reflects the value on offer.


Will you be communicating with my clients directly?

Yes, all customers affected by these changes will receive communications from us.


Can I opt in early to participate in this change?

No, we will be managing the transition for you. You don't have to do anything, but we’ll keep you notified as we progress.


What if I am currently on a discount?

Any current and valid offer such as bulk or franchise discounts will continue to be applied to the RRP, until the offer expires. Discounts will only be applied to the base subscription for MYOB Business products, fees for optional additional services (such as payroll) are excluded.


My BankLink loyalty price has already increased. Are these files going to be impacted by the changes?

The MYOB Business pricing change does not apply to your BankLink files. Any files you choose to migrate from MYOB BankLink to MYOB Business will be under the new MYOB Business pricing structure. For pricing options, speak with your sales specialist.


Under MYOB Business pricing, how is the payroll add-on charged? Are there any minimum locked in periods and how does the price per employee work?

Payroll charges are calculated automatically based on what has been used in the file in any given month. Upgrades take effect instantly, but downgrades take effect at the start of the next billing cycle. There is no limit on how often you can do it.

Once you’ve paid an employee in a month period, you can pay them as many times in that month without affecting your usage. And, if you scale up or down the number of employees you will be able to access all historical employee information and data as read-only.

For more information see our help article Payroll Limits and Fees.


What are my next steps?

You don’t need to do anything. You will see the new MYOB Business naming on your MYOB Connected Ledger subscriptions from May. We’ll be in touch after the end of financial year period with more information on MYOB Essentials Starter, MYOB Accounting, and MYOB Accounting + Payroll.

If you are worried or feel you need support and would like to speak to someone about this change, please contact


How will my billing work and when will I be charged for my Base subscription and when will I be charged for payroll?

All Subscription Plans consist of a monthly base subscription fee, which is charged for the month in advance. Subscription Plans have varying product and support inclusions and limitations, such as limits on the number of linked bank accounts or limits on the number of employees paid per month. For information on Payroll limits check out this Help page.

Any add-ons, such as Payroll or additional services incur a variable usage fee which are charged in arrears. For payroll, you will be charged in the following month. For example, if you process the pay run for an employee in October. You will be charged for that pay run in November. This will appear on the invoice sent to you.

To view up-to-date information on your subscription plan, or check current usage charges, go to My Account. Please note you must be the billing contact to view this information.


Can I set up multiple payment methods for my base subscription and any other charges I may incur?

You can have 1 payment method for your base subscription. You may incur additional charges if you are using premium or integrated services


Why do I need to accept new Direct Debit Terms & conditions?

Your subscription plan will soon be changing to MYOB Business, the new name for MYOB Essentials with a fairer and more flexible pricing model. You’ll gain access to new and existing Premium features and only pay for why you use. To support this change we’ve updated our Direct Debit Terms & conditions. Please read and familiarise yourself with the new terms.



Where can I view the MYOB Business terms and conditions?

Click to view the MYOB Business terms of use.


What do I do if my question hasn’t been answered in this FAQ?

You can post a question in our Community Forum or Submit a Support Case from within your practice online software.

For specific questions about this change or your pricing, email us at