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Swimming in spreadsheets? Rekeying data twice? Spending way too many hours back and forth to the filing cabinet? There’s an MYOB solution that will put an end to wasted hours and give your workflow and efficiency a real boost.


Calculate your efficiency

How much time could you be saving? How much more could you be making?
Find out how much time and money per year you could be saving by using our Practice Efficiency Calculator.

How many Individual Tax Returns I complete

How many Ledgers I manually rekey

How many manual or excel workpapers I prepare

Number of times clients call for document retrieval

How many documents I usually need clients to sign

How many of my clients use desktop/other software

Time saved per year

Amount it’s costing the business per year

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Now you’ve seen the proof on how you can improve your Practice efficiency, dive a little deeper and discover the solutions that can have a positive impact on your Practice’s revenue.

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How we’ve calculated this. Tax returns and document signing taking 10 minutes each, ledger rekeys, clients using desktop/other software and retrieval of documents take 30 minutes each, manual or excel workpapers take 5 minutes each to prepare.
Business cost of $45 per hour and a billable rate of $150 per hour.