Training in a Book: Time Billing

Does your business bill clients for time? This comprehensive and interactive self-paced resource, created by the MYOB Training Team, will help you track every minute and every task performed, as well as analyse the profitability of your jobs. 

With an ideal balance of theory and practical exercises, learn how to keep track of time taken to complete jobs and activities, including monitoring costs and charges, so you can accurately invoice your customers and ensure you get paid properly for your time. 

Based on MYOB Training’s Time Billing classroom training course, this resource teaches best-practice methods to help you learn how to use the Time Billing module in MYOB software to bill for your services.

Time Billing using MYOB software provides an ideal balance of theory and practical exercises, so you can learn at home or on the job at a pace and time that suits you.


Who is it suitable for?

  • Anyone who needs to use MYOB accounting software to bill for their time.

Learning outcomes

Follow step-by-step exercises and review tasks to develop the skills and knowledge you need to bill for your time using the Time Billing module in MYOB software, including creating time billing rates and activities, invoicing customers, tracking your time and analysing job profitability.

With hands-on exercises and MYOB Student Edition practice software, this book will help you:

  • Set up time billing in MYOB software
  • Create time billing rates and activities
  • Process activity slips
  • Prepare time billing invoices
  • Use jobs to track profitability of each client
  • Use categories to assess the financial performance of profit centres
  • Enter timesheets automatically into employee pays
  • Report on time billing information.

You’ll use company files to work through case studies which simulate real-world scenarios. All the underlying theory is covered to provide a greater depth of understanding, so you’ll not only know how to do things in your MYOB software, you’ll know why you’re doing them.

Ready to buy?

MYOB Training in a Book: Time Billing for MYOB software costs just $49.50 and includes the MYOB Student Edition software CD. Exercise company files can be downloaded from our website.