RetailManager Professionals

MYOB RetailManager Professionals have a high level of both functional and technical proficiency with the range of MYOB Retail products, including MYOB RetailManager, MYOB RetailHospitality, MYOB RetailEnterprise and MYOB RetailBasics.   To be admitted as a MYOB Certified Consultant, applicants must meet stringent selection criteria and submit to an annual review of their skills.

Once admitted, MYOB RetailManager Professionals receive a continual flow of information, resources and knowledge from MYOB to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest product developments, tips and techniques.

MYOB RetailManager Professionals are experts in:

  • software selection
  • hardware/POS selection
  • installation
  • setup
  • customisation
  • product demonstration
  • roubleshooting problems
  • one-on-one on-site training