Why I really love the MYOB Technology Report


I love research.

I love that research can help us understand what motivates people, what irritates people, and what makes people’s business lives easier.

What I don’t love is interpreting research.

Sad but true – I’m less a numbers guy and more a … story chap. Which is why I REALLY love the MYOB Technology Report. Not because of the terrific data it contains about how accountants view our technology world. No, I REALLY love it because of the commentary on the statistics provided by the smart thinkers at Smithink 2020.

David Smith’s insights paint a clear, easy-to-read interpretation of what the data is saying. I use his snapshots when talking to colleagues and clients to make myself sound way smarter than I normally do.

If you’re a social sharer, you could use snippets of David’s commentary as tweets. If you’re writing your end-of-year practice newsletter, you could summarise his views and link to this report. I know I’ll be referring to this many times over the next few months. I hope you do, too.

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The MYOB Technology Report 2013: Leaders and Laggards with commentary by Smithink 2020

Excerpt from the report

“The survey reveals that the take up of cloud solutions is accelerating. It is clear that the adoption of cloud accounting solutions for clients is moving beyond the pilot stage to a larger rollout for many firms. Adoption of document management, workpaper and other solutions to enable paperless working is also increasing. Use of tablet computers has increased by 50% in twelve months to over 60% of practitioners using the devices.

It does appear that more practitioners are experimenting with social media to both win new clients and for recruitment. For most firms results have been mixed, however, since few have been utilising social media for an extended period it is difficult, at this time, to assess whether an investment in social media is warranted.”