Why getting online can help your business

So people are telling you ‘you should get your business online’, but is anyone telling you why?


Businesses with a website perform better

Results from the MYOB Business Monitor tell us that businesses that have a website perform better – generating more revenue gains than businesses without a website.  When asked if their revenue was up or down compared with 12 months ago 30% of businesses with a website reported a revenue increase in the past year, compared to 23% of those without a website.

Take part in the online economy

In two minutes a consumer can search for and purchase a product, book a service or make a reservation online.  The online economy is booming and if you aren’t taking advantage of it and reaping the revenue rewards, then there is no time like the present to dive in.  Even if you’re not actually selling online, you can still benefit by having a website to promote your business online and help drive traffic to your physical business.  Aussie consumers spent billions of dollars online in 2010 – what potential!


Engage with clients and suppliers in a whole new way

From a contact form, shopping cart, booking form, special log in section for VIPs or suppliers or even live chat on your website, through to a blog, Facebook page and Twitter… the web introduces so many new ways for you to interact with your customers (new and existing) and suppliers.  You have the opportunity to add real value and enhance the relationship you have with your customers and increase customer loyalty.


Business information is available 24/7

Even while you’re sleeping, potential customers can research your products and services. This is important considering that the web is one of the first resources consumers head to when researching products or services to meet their needs, before purchasing them either online or offline.


Professional image

Your website can reflect the professionalism of your business much more than a small static advertisement in a newspaper can.  Your logo, the images shown, language used and content provided enable you to project the image and key messages that you want your clients and potential clients to see.  And it’s not just your website, the associated email domain will give you an email address that’ll look much more professional than a Hotmail or Gmail account.


Online marketing – be found!

Once you have a website for your business, don’t just let it become a lonely billboard in the desert. It’s not just a case of build it and they will come. So thinking beyond a website, the web presents a range of online marketing channels, all of which drive traffic back to your website – email marketing, e-newsletters, social media (blogs, Twitter, Facebook page, etc), search engine marketing and online advertising. So while you’re driving traffic to your website, you’re promoting your business at the same time, and this activity works towards your revenue and client retention goals.


Naomi Helleren | Communications Manager – MYOB