What’s your title, and why?

Is this how customers see you?


Running a business means you get to call the shots.

One shot is deciding how people address you.

Depending on your nature, this could cause pleasure or pain.

We’ve spoken about business titles.

We’ve touched on job titles.

So what do we call you?


Big note

I smile when sole traders give me business cards with CEO or Managing Director on them. (One Chief, no Indians.)

As a small business starting out, we often need to appear bigger than we are to persuade prospects to even look at us.

But people can overdo it.

In addition to a grandiose title, some string entire alphabets after their names.

I cite my Bachelor of Business and Master of Arts degrees to indicate that I:

  1. Understand both sides of the fence.
  2. Operate at a relatively high level.

But I leave my library membership and 25 m swimming certificate out.


Fun for one

You may have encountered titles like:

  • The Boss!
  • Big Cohuna
  • Head Honcho
  • Worker of Miracles
  • Director of First Impressions
  • The Bloke Who Pays You (And Don’t Forget It!!!)

These are great fun for the title holders, until they suddenly find themselves pitching to a large government department.


Standard deviation

Scouring my entire business card collection, I found only one departure from safe, normal title choices.

Winston Marsh calls himself Marketing Guru.

He used this term long before wannabes appropriated it.

And he continues to pull it off because he actually is a guru.

His title choice made him stand out from everyone else in my book.

Maybe there’s something in this for us.


Call me

In striving to define my identity, I started with Writer Editor Proofreader.

Then I thought I should differentiate between writing and copywriting.

Then I realised I should add blogging.

When that got too complicated, I switched to Founder & Senior Writer.

Now I’ve just got Senior Writer

but only on my email sign-off.

When I pick up the phone

I just say my name.

(Guess I’m still a crazy, mixed-up kid.)



What’s your title?

What’s the thinking behind it?

Was choosing it scary or fun?

Did you try alternatives?

Did you ask anyone’s opinion or advice?

How has it worked out?

What’s the one title you’ve seen that you’ll never forget?

Insert name




Paul Hassing | Founder & Senior Writer – The Feisty Empire