What happens when we forget to remember…


I forgot to write my blog post this week. Yup.  Forgot.

It’s a permanent item on my To Do list but somehow it slipped through. It was “one of those weeks”, if you know what I mean.

Here’s the thing. We all have “those weeks” at some time or another, where *stuff* happens and best laid plans go awry. Unexpected events pop up. Normal deadlines accelerate to become urgent and sometimes things get missed.

Luckily I have processes in place which meant that I was still able to get something written in time to be published, albeit after my official deadline. But it’s made me think – what else might have slipped through the cracks?

So this week I’m concentrating on making sure I have better procedures in place to ensure I meet all my commitments, even in an “off week”.  Does it make you think about what could be overlooked in your business if things didn’t go according to plan?

If I’d got my act together, I would have written about how I was ensconced in preparation for our annual Grateful in April campaign, which kicks off next Sunday.

It’s a 30 day campaign to encourage people to be grateful for what they already have in our lives.

Right now, I’m grateful for scraping in to my deadline – and that I’ve got the whole of next month to tell you about how to improve your life by having an attitude of gratitude.


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  • It’s been said that the unconscious mind ( the ‘us’ that does all the stuff we don’t consciously think about) doesn’t process negative words. With this in mind it is a good tip to tell ourselves – and our kids – to Remember to do X – Remember to do Y as “Don’t forget to do X” – is processed as “Forget to do X”. No negatives processed + very literal interpretation so the unconscious gives us the opposite of what we wanted!

  • What a great tip Lindy! I’m going to ‘remember to’ test this out!