What are (your) kids into?

Model plane

From little things big things grow.

Sadly, I don’t have children.

But we sure can talk about you and yours.

I’d like to know if your offspring are (likely to be) part of (or interested in) your business.

I’m also keen to hear if you were inspired young to do what you do now.

Grass roots

I began cutting neighbours’ lawns for cash as soon as I could start a mower.

Forty years later, I wonder:

  • Does such commercial enterprise beat in the hearts of today’s youth?
  • Has our society become ‘too dangerous’ to permit its expression?

Personnel best

Inspiration to be a Human Resources Manager hit when I was 15.

I was applying for casual xmas work at Myer.

The recruiter was a poised, immaculately groomed (and to me omnipotent) woman in her early thirties.

As she read from my original, hand-typed [!] resume, I found myself wishing for something unexpected: one day, some way, I’d end up on her side of the interview desk.

Though I ultimately found HR wasn’t beer or skittles, this tale shows that kids can get big ideas early.

Were you ever thus inspired?

Teen spirit

I have scant contact with children, yet I realise many have merit and purpose.

So what are your kids into?

Do their tastes transcend video games?

Could any of their current pursuits be parlayed into a money spinner down the track?

Or are your descendants already telling you how to run your show?

Youthful quest

Winston and I were pondering this blog’s failure to engage young readers.

He promised to do his bit, so I put it to you:

Would you like to see your progeny (and those of other readers) in this forum?

Could we perhaps facilitate their commercial ambitions somehow?

Or should business kids be neither seen nor heard?

I’m keen to hear from boys and girls, mums and dads, employers, educators, advisors and anyone else who’s interested.

If children are our future, we might as well make the most of them.

So please share your ideas, thoughts and memories.

Because for once, it’s OK

to talk out of



Paul Hassing | Founder & Senior Writer – The Feisty Empire