Want More Money? Make Paying Easy


Have you ever gone to a website, found a great deal, went to purchase it, and gotten frustrated because you:

  • Couldn’t find where to pay,
  • Thought it wasn’t secure, or
  • Blinked and had the webpage crash just as you finished the last step in what felt like an epic process?

Did you know that 63% of online orders collapse after buyers initiate checkout?1. Increasing your online transactions doesn’t stop at the flip of the e-commerce switch on your website.

MYOB Atlas partners, PayPal have helped us outline what you can implement to help make payment as easy as possible for your customers.

Try it yourself.
Try to buy something from your website – and ask one of your nearest, dearest, (and most honest) to buy something as well. This tactic is potentially the best to identify where users get stuck on your website and to understand how to fix it.

Mark and Display your Shopping Cart or Pay Online on your homepage.
Common practice is to use a labeled button with a recognizable shopping cart or money icon in the top right hand corner of your website.

Put more information (especially costs) upfront.
Unless you cater to a highly loyal customer base, most users use price and shipping as part of their selection criteria – and they want to know this information before they click ‘add to cart.’ The more transparent you are with information, the better the user experience (and the more potential for additional business).

Allow customers to checkout as a guest.
Every additional step you add to your check out process, including creating an account, creates an additional opportunity for users to abandon their cart. You can accomplish the same lead generation goal by sending a post-purchase email asking users if they want to create an account.

Show a secure padlock symbol or PayPal option throughout your website.
Consumers still require assurance to the validity of your online business and the security of your online payment systems. Adding this padlock symbol or the PayPal option through your website is an easy way to assure consumers their payment information will be transmitted safely and securely.

Include the web address for your Sell Online or Pay online page on your invoices.
When you send an order form or tax invoice to your customers, include the web address for your e-commerce page (i.e. yourbusiness.com.au/pay) either as a payment option in the body of your form or as a point of reference in the footer. Customers can visit this page and complete their order or enter their invoice details and complete their transaction.

Shout it out: You are now online 
Remember to advertise. Add a news article to your website and post to your social networks announcing that customers can now pay online. This will not only let your current customers know that they can pay online, but will also serve as a great selling point to prospective customers.

Get online free, link a PayPal account, and start making paying easy with MYOB Atlas here.

1. Businesses with 0-4 staff, Key Statistics Australian Small Business, Australian Government 2009-2010