The business of Valentine’s Day

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? A chance to show someone how much you love them? A tacky event that benefits the retails sector? Or something else?

This year I am choosing to make it my business to use Valentine’s Day to bring people together to contribute to their community.

No matter how they might feel about Valentine’s Day, many singles feel awkward or left out at the sight of canoodling couples everywhere they look.

We often hear of business owners and employees spending so much time in the office that they don’t take time out to meet new people – let alone embark on a search for love.

In Melbourne next week, my organisation m.a.d.woman is giving singles the chance to hang out together while supporting the Five in Five charity initiative and creating care packages and activity packs for people in need.

Even if the singles don’t match, the idea is they will feel great about themselves by sending love in the form of practical support to people who could use a lift.

The event is contributing to people supported by Whitelion, LiveWires (Concern Australia) and the St Kilda Gatehouse – who could use a show of love at any time of the year.

So for anyone out there who is solo, make it your business to join us and see how every “single” person can make a difference.

  • Rachael

    Just reading back through what some of my favourite Twitterers have been saying recently … What a great idea and event, no doubt it would have helped singles feel grateful for what they have even if they didn’t meet Mr or Mrs Right on the night. None of those first date jitters either, just getting stuck in and sending some love out to others and meeting new people in the process. Hope it went well and makes a comeback in 2013.

  • thanks Rachael – the event was a huge success! we had more than 55 couples opt to contact each other again as well as making more than 2300 items for charity, so a great result.

    We know of some upcoming weddings from some of our previous events so we know it’s working! :)

    thanks for your lovely supportive comments!