Taking pains

Look beyond your labels!


Ever heard the saying ‘money follows pain’?

In short, prospects don’t care about you; they care about healing their hurts.

Make ‘em feel good and you’ll make a fortune.

I recently saw this maxim played out magnificently in a supermarket.

Perhaps we can all earn more by stating how we remove pain.


Shop till you drop

I was trailing Fonnie in Aisle 9, comparing the components of branded and no-name (home brand) goods.

Like generic pharmaceuticals, plain-wrap off-the-shelf medications are often identical to their lavishly branded twins.

As I pondered this, four boxes in striking-yet-complementary hues caught my eye.

The big labels read something like:

  1. Migraine relief.
  2. Back pain relief.
  3. Period pain relief.
  4. Tension headache relief.

Having felt back pain that day, I was impressed by the specific (and therefore personal) nature of the promised solution.

I flipped Box 2 to see its active ingredient/s.

Nothing special.

Then, on a whim, I compared it to Boxes 1, 3 and 4.

The contents of all four were IDENTICAL!


Acute observations

My discovery triggered mixed reactions.

First, I was stunned at the manufacturer’s audacity to market one product as four.

Second, I figured few folk took as much interest in fine print as pedantic copywriters.

Third, I was blown away by the ingenious (brilliant? clever? cunning? sneaky? deceitful?) logic behind the range.

Fourth, I imagined the massive economies of scale of one factory making a suite of products that differed only in packaging.

These ‘premium’ pills were twice the price of their country cousins.

If money followed pain, they were category killers.

I asked Fonnie if she’d be drawn to these pain-solving labels.

She said yes.


Love hurts

And so I started thinking:

I don’t write job ads

I fill nightmare vacancies you’ve advertised three times, for ten grand, with no success.

I don’t do blog posts

I showcase your expertise once and forever so prospects can educate, select and qualify themselves, in their own time – for free – instead of waking you at midnight with dumb questions that go nowhere.

Get the idea?


Now YOU do it! 🙂


Hold still …

We touched on this area in our vigorous tag line and elevator pitch studies.

Now we must get sharper and deeper.

What specific kinds of pain does your business take away?

How do your products and services heal hurts?

The suspense is killing us …

We can’t take it anymore!

Please put us out of our misery.

And bring sweet





Paul Hassing | Founder & Senior Writer – The Feisty Empire