Success stories start with MYOB CompanyDocs

Nicole Rawlings, ASIC Administrator with Geelong firm Davidsons, loves success stories. One of her roles is new company registrations, and she delights in watching businesses she’s had a hand in setting up come good.

“There’s quite a few cafes that started off as a catering company from home,” Nicole told me in a recent phone chat. “And they’ve now built themselves up and they’ve got their own shop and their own staff working for them so that’s been fantastic.”

I got chatting with Nicole because her firm’s a big user of MYOB CompanyDocs. I wanted to know how MYOB’s company registration service was helping her with her clients. It turns out there’s no one thing that stands out – it just (to borrow a term) works.

“It’s such an easy program to use,” according to Nicole. “It flows really nicely. And with the quick response time – the payment online – they’re all done within a day.”

And of course there’s the price: “We’re able to save a bit on our end, which we can then pass on to our clients. So everyone’s happy.”

According to Nicole, it also helps in contributing towards Davidsons’ keenness for a paperless practice: “We keep everything in Document Manager. There are obviously some things we still need to keep as original signed documents, but we are trying to be as paperless as possible.”

And as for success stories, it’s heartening to know the team at Davidsons supports their clients long after they’ve set-up their business for them:

“We actually still use them for catering for our meetings here. And we recommend them to our clients.”

If you’d like to find out more about MYOB CompanyDocs, chat with your Client Manager or visit the CompanyDocs website.

You can listen to the full interview on SoundCloud.