Sticking points

Some businesspeople label the fruits of their labour.

I think this is great in some cases.

But I draw the line when the fruits are … fruit.

Here’s a quick analysis to see if you agree.

Firm foundation

Some hand-made clay bricks from Roman times bear the impression ‘Felix fecit’.

This means ‘made by Felix’.

Not only was Felix the brick maker a proud artisan with a keen sense of branding, he even learnt Latin to address his target audience.

To that I cry ‘Optime!’^

On the fence

When I walk Melbourne streets, I occasionally pass beautifully wrought fences.

Often there’s a tasteful plaque, fixed at eye level, with the maker’s name and address.

As I read these, I think that if I ever have a property grand enough for such a construction, it’d be a deep pleasure to contact such an apparent master.

Site lines

When my Primary IT Guy finished my website, I encouraged him to add his tag, which is still there today.

In return, he features my website on his.

This seems eminently fair and sensible.

Sour grapes

But when I go to the grocer, I’m dismayed.

The bananas bear stickers that say ‘Banana’.

The apples have stickers that say ‘Apple’.

And the lemons have stickers that say ‘Lemon’.

A few stickers have logos – meaningless by themselves.

Fewer have brand names (which merely remind me who to avoid next time).

Almost none have contact details, thus negating the only purpose of stickers I can conceive.

(Perhaps you have other ideas.)

These plastic plaques make me feel my mind is fading so fast that I need food recognition aids.

Pacific Coast Eco Bananas, as we’ve seen, are infinitely more sophisticated.


I don’t know if food stickers are biodegradable, so I remove them before composting.

Often they end up in my sink (or down it, if I’m not quick enough).

I ponder the vast effort it must have taken to design machines to plaster polymers on nature’s bounty.

I fear my purchases contribute to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Most of all,

I simply wonder …


Stick up

What do you think?

Do you label your goods or services?

Why (not)?

Does labelling work?

Have all businesspeople the right to do it?

Or should our grocers be green?

Are food stickers a permanent fixture?

Or is this brand tactic

a lemon?

* Photo by me.

^ Nice work, Squadron Leader!