Startup Events: Startup Track


October 16-19

This annual conference has been growing larger and larger over the past three years, and, with the addition of their new Startup Track featuring some of the best social and tech minds in the Australian Landscape, I am predicting that Web Directions South is going to have its largest event in Australia ever.

Here is the line up of speakers on topics around the Startup Scene for the conference:

  • Derek Powazek will present on The Personal Side of Starting Up.
  • Asher Moses will be interviewing Mike Cannon Brookes & Leni Mayo.
  • Rebekah Campbell and Ben Duncan will have a discussion on seeking funding versus bootstrapping your startup.
  • Alan Duncan, Shane Weddell, Russell Ivanovic & Cameron Craig will present on different business models.
  • Avis Mulhall will talk on Passion and purpose.
  • Kate Kendall from the Fetch will lead a panel discussion with Chris Lloyd, Mick Liubinskas, Peter Bradd & Leni Mayo talking about the Aussie Startup Scene.
  • There will be a presentation on The Incubator Experience.
  • Kim Heras, Anson Parker and Marcus Schappi will all present on So, you’ve got an idea.

Overall the speaker line up is pretty awesome, and it looks like it will shape up to be one of the premier annual events for startups on the Sydney Startup scene as we continue to grow stronger as a community.

Tell me other states, cities and towns—anybody organising big expo type events for Startups over your way? I really want to hear about them!