Six of the best

Have you seen our made-to-measure archive?

You may well be in it!


We told Emma in very clear terms that we wanted our previous posts and comments incorporated into the new blog.

I’m delighted to report that, despite a high degree of difficulty, MYOB’s online team has executed our request! 🙂


Hits & memories

If you were part of the original Small Business Owner blog (now called The Pulse) in its first 2.5 years, your words, links and piccies have been preserved for posterity.

To find them, simply type a keyword (or your surname) into the top-right search box on the home page. It’s all there.

I think it’s wonderful to see our content repurposed like this.

Hats off Emma, her bosses and MYOB’s IT boffins for respecting our efforts and wishes.

Wandering down Memory Lane, I thought about tabling my favourite posts.

In addition to showcasing the archive, I figured this may interest new readers unaware of how long we’ve been at this blogging caper.

So here are my top six posts, in no particular order:


Ten tee tips

In this post, I turned soul-scorching failure into useful content.

It felt good to salvage something from the ashes.


Cardinal sins

This post stunned me.

I never thought something as tiny as a business card could evoke such a reaction.

We got 77 comments.

Plus a sequel (with another 50 comments).

Plus another sequel (with another 35 comments)!


The Abbotsford mysteries

This post was significant because I realised it was OK to take my own photos and feature business stories from my area.

I did the same thing in Spitting chips and Apocalypse.


Naming rights

This early post went off the register and remains our most contentious.

It triggered a record 183 comments, featured hot debate and saw me go slightly batty at the end.

It also spawned I robot, which let me link to a Kraftwerk song. Great fun!


Then and now

I didn’t write this post; it was a guest contribution by Judy Oldmeadow.

It was so heartfelt, it made me think we should have more guest posters.

And so we did!

I’d love to see our Hall of Fame reproduced on The Pulse.


Non capisco

This post was huge fun as it let me go nuts on the puns.

Even better, Seth Godin favoured us with his first comment. (He also popped up here. And we heard from Penelope Trunk here, here and here.)

I realised then that we really were on to something.


Command performance

I’d LOVE to know which post/s you liked best.

Or which ones you hated.

The better I know your tastes, the better I can suit them in future.

With best regards and MANY thanks for your immeasurable support to date!


Paul Hassing | Founder & Senior Writer – The Feisty Empire