Singing in the rain

It was a dark and stormy morning …


I was driving Fonnie to work last month when this post literally appeared before our eyes.

Looking at this van, I saw lessons in:

  • Corporate livery (colours).
  • Customer promises.
  • Logos.
  • Calls to action.
  • 1300 numbers.
  • Business names.

So let’s hit the road!


Corporate livery

The back of this van looked like the sides.

The whole vehicle was neat, clean and consistent – the writing easy to read.

This raised the van in my estimation from all self-painted wrecks on the road.

A good start.


Customer promise

To me, We Fix Leaking Structures was clear, specific and direct.

It was half strap line, half elevator pitch.

It was raining that day, and for 13 years Empire House has had a leak that has defied all fixes.

I was therefore in this company’s target audience, so the promise fairly sang to me.



The raindrop logo was fine. I didn’t know what AWS meant, but that didn’t matter.

What I did like was that the logo:

  • Wasn’t huge.
  • Didn’t appear first.

Some firms are so in love with their brand, they put it ahead of what their audience wants to see.

I was far more interested in what AWS could do for me, than who they were.

The modest position of the logo (most of us read diagonally right and down) meant I got to it last.

As the logo was merely an administrative detail to me, I got the sense this firm understood and had catered to my interests.


Call to action

This really got me excited.

What could be more appropriate or memorable than 1300 NO LEAK?!

It reinforced the promise and didn’t require pen and paper (a boon in traffic).



1300 number

My mobile number is 0409 FEISTY. But since many people misspell ‘feisty’ as ‘fiesty’, this hasn’t been useful.

I haven’t tried a 1300 number, so I’d love your thoughts on this topic.

I’ve also invited AWS owner Carlos to tell us whether it’s worked for him.


Business name

AWS turned out to be All Waterproofing Systems.

It’s an OK name; doubtless good in alphabetical listings.

What I dug about it was that:

  • It wasn’t something amateur and egotistic like Bert & Beryl’s Youbeaut Plumbing Crew.
  • Like the logo, it didn’t eclipse the message that mattered to me.


U turn

Well, that’s a lot of impressions from one little van!

What do you think of this?


Or miss?

I greatly look forward to your




Paul Hassing | Founder & Senior Writer – The Feisty Empire