Should I only send 10 tweets per day?

Every week I talk to another business learning Twitter who tell me they have been told that they should not tweet more than 10 times per day.

What a load of rubbish.

If you applied that logic to real life you’d have to bite your tongue on the 11th interesting thing you wanted to tell someone or start ignoring phone calls because you’ve already answered your quota. It’s like saying you’re only allowed to say 1,000 words each day.

It’s just illogical, if you have something you want to say you should. If it’s not spammy but interesting or insightful or funny, what’s the problem?

In 2009 Hubspot published some research that said 22 was the optimal number of tweets per day

Users who tweet between 10 and 50 times per day have more followers on average than those that tweet more or less frequently. The “peak” of the curve is at about 22 tweets per day.

Twitter recently limited the maximum tweets one user can post each day to 1,000. Seriously; you’re allowed to post up to 1,000 tweets per day. But that does not necessarily mean that your followers will see 1,000 tweets per day from you. While none of us are ever going to be posting 1,000 tweets per day, most of us will have more than 10 people interacting with us on Twitter so let me share a way you can still engage with as many people as you like without bombarding your followers with irrelevant tweets.

If you open your browser to you’ll notice that I frequently tweet more than 20 times per day. In fact on average I tweet 37.5 times per day.

The secret is with @Reply

Many of my tweets are @replies, which do not enter the stream of the majority of my followers. An @reply will only be displayed in a user’s Twitter stream if they follow both the account that’s tweeting, and the account that’s being replied to. So let’s say @JustinFlitter sends out this tweet: “@JenCorbett Your case of Wine arrived on the courier this morning” That tweet would ONLY be viewed in your stream if you follow both @JustinFlitter and @JenCorbett

So don’t feel compelled to limit yourself on @replies!

@Reply Tweets mean the first item in the twitter message is the @Name. If you start a tweet with anything else but still mention an @Name (somewhere in the message) all your followers will see that tweet in their Twitter stream. Status updates are seen by everyone following you so carefully plan and think about what you’re publishing. They are conversation starters, all opportunities to engage with more @Replies.

If you have something interesting to tweet, tweet it. If you see a tweet that you want to reply to, do it. If you’re sharing interesting content and participating in valuable conversations no one is likely to complain about too many tweets. But if you’re blasting out status updates every 10 min or more people will of course have an issue and unfollow you.

The next time you hear someone say that you should only tweet 10 times per day, refer them to this article and ask them why?

I hope I’ve explained this clearly enough. But if you’re a little confused leave a comment and I’ll do my best to help out.  In fact, why do you leave a comment anyway, and tell me what (if you have one!) is your policy for Twitter?  I’m keen to hear what you all do!