Sharing the spoils?

How I wish I had a lazy grand!


I’ve hooked a brilliant new client.

(I’m so glad I fragged the other one!)

This award-winning firm is smart, cashed up, bleeding edge, ethical and respected.

They’re on the cusp of colossal expansion.

Their share price is twitching like a floating fly line; I’m convinced a golden rainbow’s about to strike.

I’m dying to buy their shares before they hit the roof.

But would that ruin everything?


Risky business

Last time I had this feeling about a client, I gave Dad the hot tip.

In four days, his investment plunged 25%.

(I blame the GFC, not my web copy.)

But this time it’s different!

This firm is so in tune with world affairs, only a meteor strike could stop them.

Yet there is risk.


Inside out

First, I’m writing a killer campaign to catapult this crowd into the minds of a thousand prospects.

The media spend is BIG. We will make a splash.

If I buy shares ahead of this, is it insider trading?

A golden rule of investing is never to get into something you don’t understand.

If I can’t answer this primary question, what the hell am I thinking?

Then there’s the small matter of discretionary capital: I don’t have any.

Another golden rule is never to invest borrowed funds.


Cash for comment

On the other hand, I could double – even quadruple my stake in months.

Can you imagine how much fun it’d be to watch my writing boost the price of my shares?

And as my ebook sales dwindle, how ace would it be to receive dividends and capital gains for zero effort?


Double take

My copywriting hero, David Ogilvy, made a point of using his clients’ products. From shirts and oysters to Guinness and Rolls Royces, he took an intense personal interest in their success.

What better homage to my client than to link my (bank’s) fortune to theirs?

But maybe they won’t see it that way.

Maybe they’d prefer a more arm’s-length relationship with their copywriter.

I could always ask them, but that might queer the pitch.

Lucky I’ve got you!


Good advice

What do you think of this crazy notion buzzing round my brain?

Should I dive in or stay out?

Spill my guts or say nowt?

Can my client and I share the spoils?

Or will that spoil the shares?

Time is money,

so act now.

Tell us what you really think!



Paul Hassing | Founder & Senior Writer – The Feisty Empire