Seven Really, Really Easy Ways to Get More Business via Facebook

A couple of weeks ago we discussed a few great ways to promote your business online. Among this discussion was the use of platforms such as creating an MYOB Atlas site, setting up a Google Places account and of course the most popular choice, a Facebook Business page.

Now Facebook may be seen as the working days number one enemy when it comes to procrastination and time wasting, but you cannot underestimate its potential for content to reach both a massive and extremely targeted audience. It’s a data goldmine of over 800 million active users, of which more than 50% log in daily.

Be it via shared content between users or purchased ads that can be targeted to a group of a handful of individuals, sharing content on Facebook can help grow the visibility of a business very quickly.

Setting up a business page is the easy part though, and unless you’re one of the ’big boys’ like Coca-cola or Apple, building your audience can prove to be quite tricky. So we’ve put together a few tips that can help your business page reach its maximum potential on Facebook.

#1 –  Attach a fan page Widget to your website

It’s rare these days to visit a site and not see that ‘little blue thumbs up’ icon sitting somewhere within the content. But this little icon can prove to be very beneficial for websites. Every time someone clicks on this a notification is sent to that persons Facebook page notifying both them and their friends (of which the average user has approx 130) of your website or fan page. Not only is your site being promoted it’s also essentially being recommended by someone who the audience presumably knows and trusts.

#2 – Tag relevant and popular pages in your updates.

The @ symbol is one of the most powerful little tools a business page can utilize on Facebook. If you’re about to post some relevant content that you think an audience of a certain person or group may enjoy, then attaching @ and then the user/pages name, your update will then also be posted to their wall. This not only exposes your update to your followers, but also to their audience. NOTE: Some pages/users don’t really dig their wall being hijacked for your marketing purposes so it’s important you know your audience and relationships when using this tactic or else you could end up on a block list.

#3 – Put a link onto your personal profile(s)

Including a link to your business page on your personal page is the easiest form of promotion. Even if your personal page is set to private, making this part of your information public allows your business page link to be seen by anyone who visits your profile. The same tactic can be used to apply your URL to other online platforms – LinkedIn, YouTube etc.

#4 – Share content that will be shared

Posting content and links to interesting, informative and relevant content both from your site and external sites can help boost your profile as a subject matter expert. It can also prove to be content that gets shared between readers – each share then attributes that link to your page/profile, giving your more exposure of a users friend list.

#5 – Customise your fan page URL

Which one of these is more memorable: or ?

Be sure to customize your fanpage URL  – otherwise known as Vanity URL – as soon as possible. This setting is available in your Edit Page settings – Basic Information. You need to have 25+ fans or ‘likes’ to receive a vanity URL.

#6 – Assign your Facebook vanity URL to other collateral

Add your Facebook Business Page URL to any other collateral you may have. Think of it as another web presence so promote it whenever possible (suitable). Add it to your business card, just as you would your email address or website URL. Attach it as a link in your email signature or in the footer of any invoices you may send out.

#7 – Invest in Facebook advertising

As mentioned above, Facebook is a data goldmine that lets you focus advertising to an audience as targeted as you want. I recently read this great story about a guy who created an ad specifically for his wife. He was able to target the ad to be displayed to only a handful of a possible 800 million people. He attached a photo of his son to the ad so it would grab her attention and within a couple of days his wife noticed it. This is a great example of how deep Facebook lets you mine user data and target their exact needs, likes and skills.
EG: If you’re a wedding make-up artist, Facebook ads easily allows you to target your ads so as it will only show up to who you want to see – in this case may be females, engaged, who mentioned the words ‘wedding’ or ‘make-up’ in their statuses, who live in your nearby area.

It’s a very powerful tool and still in it’s infancy, so getting on board in these early(ish) days could prove to be very beneficial.

Of course, there are hundreds of other options available to promote your page, get more fans and most importantly get more business via Facebook. Your audience, business model and marketing plan all play a part in how and why you would use Facebook to find more business. With each different business, comes a whole other set of potential marketing opportunities and strategies.

Do you have any other strategies or tricks you’ve found useful to promote your page via Facebook? We’d love to hear about them.

Oh and one last tip, if you happen to find or contribute to any blogs/forums that are relevant to your business, then it may be a great opportunity to promote your page. It may be a bit cheeky, but if these guys can get away with it, then you probably can to.


Daylan Pearce | Search/Content Developer – MYOB