Red carpet – Part 2

Give your customers a moving experience.*


Many thanks for your responses to Part 1.

Your input really supercharges these everyday topics.

Now for the chequered flag!


Form guide

I thanked Neil for his technical update.

I then asked why my car was surging, gurgling and gasping if it wasn’t due to the things I described.

Neil politely posited another Delphic insight: that I used standard unleaded fuel.

Correct again.

He then patiently explained how my German-made car was designed for the European market, which had higher-octane fuel than Australia.

All I had to do was run my car on one of the premium products and I’d be right as rain. Improved efficiency would more than offset the higher price.


Sceptic tank

Having grown up with racing drivers who endorsed novel gizmos that promised miraculous performance boosts, I wasn’t convinced.

Then, I figured running a few tanks of super through the engine was a lot cheaper than tearing down and blueprinting it.

So I took Neil’s word, booked the service and filled my tank.

Two days later, Fonnie reported a much smoother airport run.


Race day

The service happened last week, without a hitch.

The team also washed and vacuumed my car, gave me a free one-year roadside assistance card and sent a thank-you SMS asking me to flag any problems.

There are none: I’m happy and will be going back.

I may well get my car serviced at City Ford for its entire life.

Then buy a new one from them.

But this love machine wouldn’t have left the pits without Neil.


Driving lessons

The previous (much younger) person who investigated my engine ‘problem’ effectively said I was imagining things.

By contrast, Neil:

  • Listened carefully.
  • Asked intelligent, non-threatening clarifying questions.
  • Respectfully built rapport.
  • Politely suggested a solution.
  • Was right.

So simple.

So effective.

Yet so rare.

Happily, this old-school service is well within our power to deliver.

And because so few businesses do, we’ll stand out a mile^

and leave our competitors in the dust.

That ought to set hearts



* Photo by me.

^ 1.6 km.


Paul Hassing | Founder & Senior Writer – The Feisty Empire