Productive in pajamas

I sometimes work from home in my pajamas. All day.

There, I’ve said it. My humble flannelettes are just one of the many uniforms I proudly wear during an average week.

My myriad commitments often see me having more changes than Paris Hilton. I can go from sassy street shoes to sky-high stilettos in the blink of an eyelid.

It seems I am not alone and there is more of this going on than you might think. My declaration, ‘Confessions of a Closet Daytime Pajama Wearer’ revealed a secret groundswell of people who sometimes choose not to get dressed for their workday.

When I gingerly posed a question on Twitter to test if my behaviour was socially acceptable within the working from home community, I was immediately hit with a flurry of freelancers and solo operators owning up to the same (for those of you on Twitter check out #daytimePJwearers).

Nearly every response I got was in favour of the practice, with only one respondent warning the practice was the start of a ‘slippery slope’.

Pyjamas are “an accepted convention of working from home!” according to once reliable source.

One woman confessed to wearing her nightwear all day but ensuring she is dressed before her family gets home.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, one of the most successful work-from-home women I know ensures she puts on lipstick at the start of each day to make it ‘feel’ like she is at work.

While one woman was adamant what she was wearing did not influence her productivity, another said she needed to be “fully dressed and made up” to be able to get on with her daily business.

This from PJ-wearing guy: “On my creative days I’m more productive, but on admin days real clothes are needed”.

Jealousy set in as some office workers expressed interest in joining this exclusive club but  I’m not sure the time has yet come to introduce the ‘Pyjama Suit’ to CBDs of the world.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back in my in a suit and heels, but as I sit typing in my jimjams under a blanket on a freezing Melbourne day, I’m happy my business model  affords me the option of my uniform of choice.

What about you?  What do you wear when you’re working at home?  Do you bother getting dressed when you know that no-one will see you? Confess!

  • Hey Melina! I say “what ever works for you” when it comes running a business at home! On the odd day when I work from home, I’m amazed at how much work I actually get done (as well as the washing). In fact my biggest challenge in my home office is managing the intrusive affections of my cat “Tim”, who insists on sitting on me or the keyboard (or anything I am working on)!


  • Thanks for the feedback Julian. It’s amazing how productive one can be when working from home, despite the myriad of potential distractions (like animals and children!) I wouldn’t swap it for anything :-)

  • Its very tempting to work from home in my pj’s but having to take my eldest to school means I have to look at least half decent for school runs :) Its definitely much more relaxing working from home – the best work environment!

  • Hi Dannii. Yes, I can understand that a school drop off while still in your PJs might not be the best look!

    • But, hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. It’s much easier in colder weather – just throw on a jacket! Then again, in our school system, parents don’t get out of the car at drop-off, just at pick-up. So no one sees us from the waist down. The doesn’t necessarily work with bed head, though. Love those baseball caps! 😀

      • It’s like the joke about newsreaders Gayle – business on top and party below the desk!

        Hair ties are also great miracle workers :)