The Money or The Box? Part 2

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Day 8

After a week, my fax, printer, photocopier and scanner were still down. As was my enthusiasm for online discount shopping.

No courier. No toner. Three phone conversations. Frustration.

I rang the customer service chap one more time. He promised to call back, but sent

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Yes Sir, No Sir?

We often hear that ‘the customer is king’. But should this translate into titles?

I began work in retail and was a polite lad, so I called every male customer Sir. As I grew older, the

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The Money or The Box?

Part 1 of 2

My toner ran out last week. This took down my fax, printer, photocopier and scanner.

A price check showed my usual bricks-and-mortar supplier

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Putting the OUCH into vouchers

In Paul’s ludicrous fantasy world of truth and light, business is cherished, money is prized and value lasts longer than six months.

In the real world of vouchers, however, none of this happens.

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Defence in Depth

Defence in depth is the strategy of exhausting an enemy via attrition. 

It was used to devastating effect by the Carthaginians at Cannae and by the Romans at my home renovation.

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