Little Things

                                     Not all recruitment firms are the same.

                                                          Yeah right!


Speaking of recruitment agencies, when Andrew told me his was ‘different’, I took it with a shovel of salt.

Having dealt extensively with job consultants as a client, supplier and candidate,

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Lessons shared

Earlier this month Paul’s post ‘eBay Learnings’ ended up being a wonderful example of the small business community coming together to provide support, guidance and advice to a business owner in need of it. It really showed the true nature of our readers!  Love Your

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Out There

                                      Long-distance communication is hard.

                                         Love triangulation is even worse.


A few weeks ago my bank called.

Well, not really my bank.

They wanted my feedback.

Well, not really my feedback.

At a time that suited me.

Well not really …

Get the idea?

Here’s what

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Are You Spoken For?



If my website were burning and I could rescue just one page, it’d be this.

I believe testimonials are the most precious asset a business can have.

Yet when I start working with clients, many either have none or don’t use them.

Not for long!



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                                                   Do not collect $200.


Naomi asked how my end of financial year (EOFY) was going.

I reflected that it was rather less cheery than the current crop of pay TV ads.

The source of my ennui is a large sum of money which I’ve earned, but

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Magic Fauxments

                                                   Is it him, or me?


From age nine, I was called a miserable cow, so-and-so, ratbag etc.

These appellations stuck and, as a mature businessman, I’m never sure if my world view is jaded or accurate.

So I’ve prepared a simple test.


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