Do your thing and do it well

Today we welcome back Joanna Maxwell of WorkInColour to Small Business Owner. Joanna shares how great tapas inspired this post!

I recently had an amazing lunch at Melbourne’s MoVida tapas bar, and the experience reminded me of some great business advice – find what you do

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I was going to report this development as a comment on Naming Rights, but I was so stunned that I had to give it a full post.

The Telstra ROBOT that gave me so much

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The Dirty Dozen – Part 2

Welcome back to the second instalment of the 12 most common small business marketing mistakes. Last Thursday we looked at the first six marketing mistakes that so many business owners make that ensure their marketing activities a waste of time

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Jokers on Me

I thought I’d take a break from all this blog-based learning and have a play in eBay. Blow me down if there wasn’t a lesson there for me too!

A lesson in listening.

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Universal Agents

When I worked in ad agencies, some clients fancied themselves as Copywriters and Art Directors. As these dilettantes flawed each perfect work, we creative types used to mutter: ‘Why buy a dog and then bark yourself?’

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The Dirty Dozen – Part 1

Today we welcome back Malcolm Owens. With experience as both a small business owner and in senior management in large corporates, Malcolm has a unique perspective from both sides of the tracks. Today he shares the fruits of his two decades in marketing to

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