Solar Flare

                                      For once, the sun will set on Empire.


You may recall my enthusiastic bid to switch Empire House to solar power.

Alas, this initiative has failed, but not without imparting valuable lessons.

Perhaps you’ll make a better fist of it than I.


Price Crash

As a long-time fan

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Radio. Get ‘em Where They Live!

                                Radio ads are cheaper than you may think.


Radio ads are so cheap and effective, I’m amazed clients don’t use them more often.

They’re particularly useful when your audience is remote, passive or oblivious to your existence.

Radio is great fun

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First Impressions


We know first impressions are crucial to human relations. (Just ask Helen.)

By extension, they also impact our business dealings.

Having just visited Bali, I now know first impressions are powerful enough to skew an entire world view.


Hard Landing

We’d been warned to take

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I’m mighty impressed with my client, Naomi Oakley, from U-NOME Security Services.

When she got on national television the other week, she chased up the footage and got her IT boffin to put it front and centre on her website.

Though the word ‘leverage’ has

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The Power of Under Promise

                                                    Bali ain’t all bad!


And now a happy Bali tale; with a business lesson.

We’re dining at Jimbaran Bay.

A few metres away, roving musicians Take it to the Limit One More Time for enthusiastic backpackers.

Lean dogs edge close to tables, but

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How to publish a cookbook

I thought we would take the opportunity to share with you Heather Samsa’s advice on how to publish a cookbook.  While her experience is based on a cookbook, anything is possible!

This is also inspirational – an idea that came about following the Victorian bushfires in

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