Keeping Your Feet On Uneven Ground

As we live these interesting times, it’s important to watch what we read, think and do. For our thoughts and deeds greatly impact our business and personal affairs. Don’t believe me? Read this true tale…


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Spreading Yourself Too Thin

Part 1 of 2

It’s hard to pop a balloon with open hands; the force dissipates over too great an area. A pin in two fingers gives a dramatically superior result. When you focus all your

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How to Get Upset

Pythagoras said, ‘In anger we should refrain both from speech and action’.

Someone else said, ‘Never send a message in anger’.

But they never had to struggle from sleep, stumble down

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Bleeding Between the Lines

Recently my friend thwarted a costly deceit from a corporate reference book publisher. I tell the tale in case they try the same stunt on your business.

Pat* from the publisher called Fran^ my friend, asking

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