Look, Dad; no job!

Contrary to TV nirvana, family affairs can be vexed. And when children choose different paths to their parents’, the relative thickness of blood doesn’t stint its flow. This has been a big issue for my small business. I’m keen to

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I’m Frightened!

Today I commissioned a $2500, scorched-earth rebuild of my entire website. I expected a faint pang of apprehension at this point; now that it’s here, I’m downright scared. I’ve written dozens of sites for clients, but this is different. It’s

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Fresh Eyes. Fresh Ideas.

However much you love your business, familiarity can deaden your senses to its merits and flaws.

To optimise your operation, therefore, the unbiased eyes of first-time visitors are an essential (and inexpensive) tool.

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Physician, Heal Thyself?

Some people hate their work. Some like it, but seek to balance it with life. For others, work and play are one. I imagine the third group is happiest and healthiest, but I’d like to know.

I once got a lift with a professional cleaning couple.

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The Punter’s Ton


A version of this post has just been published in Seth Godin’s Purple Cow New Edition (hardback). Check it out here.



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Waiter, There’s a Bomb in My Soup!

Poison pet food. Faulty car brakes. Flammable fans. If a customer found a potentially lethal problem with your product, would you want to know? If so, how badly? One might think such information would be highly prized. But is it?

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What Day is it?

Easter’s coming. I think. Apart from the buns I can’t tell. I work six days every week; seven if I can get away with it. This makes each day pretty much like the next. Weekends mean rising at seven instead

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Keeping Your Feet On Uneven Ground

As we live these interesting times, it’s important to watch what we read, think and do. For our thoughts and deeds greatly impact our business and personal affairs. Don’t believe me? Read this true tale…


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Spreading Yourself Too Thin

Part 1 of 2

It’s hard to pop a balloon with open hands; the force dissipates over too great an area. A pin in two fingers gives a dramatically superior result. When you focus all your

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