A Great Gift

At Christmas, my wife* gave me an amazing gift. The beautiful, rust-proof aluminium name plate you see in the photo. I loved it the moment I unwrapped it.

This plate has since proven its worth

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What’s with Twitter?

Is Twitter relevant to your small business? Guest blogger Joanna Maxwell shares her experiences with the popular social media tool and explains how it’s helped her business. …

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The Blue Boat

When I worked for ad agencies, I heard of a client-wrangling device called ‘the blue boat’. Though I never saw it in action, this wicked concept delighted my dark side. Here’s how it went:

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All Washed Up

Part 1 of 2

I don’t like salesmen who won’t take no. But the sheer tenacity of one guy breached my every defence. I wanted one car wash; he sold me ten. He won the battle.

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Best Business Books

 Book?  Book?  Book?        Reddit.  Reddit.  Reddit.

Megan asked me to list the books I’ve found most helpful in my business life.


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Deal Breakers

It can take years to gain a client and seconds to lose one. Sometimes, the break is audible. Below are four such pivotal moments, frozen for your perusal.

Pelvic Thrust


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Hair Razing

When I chat with cutters and colourists, their stories are always the same.

Every salon they’ve worked for has either refused to pay their superannuation or merely pretended to pay it.

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All Washed Up – Part 2

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I was the proud (and rather startled) owner of ten car wash vouchers. Melbourne’s most dogged salesman had secured my custom for at least a year. And after our magic, first-wash honeymoon, I was

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The Agony of Price

Poor pricing can cripple your business. Too low, profits go. Too high, sales die. As with terms, this fickle field has many pitfalls. To avoid them, I seek your take on the scenarios below.


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Living in the Real World

I was set to write a light post on best business books. But when I read Joanna’s fabulous article and Stephen’s distressing news, it just didn’t seem right. So here’s my two-part response instead.

In seeking

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