Connecting the Dots

For many small business owners, starting a new business was the biggest risk they’re ever likely to take. Today Joanna Maxwell ponders those leaps of faith and encourages others to take the plunge, because they all make sense in retrospect.

I recently rediscovered the YouTube video of Steve

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It’s a Knockout!

Recently I said NO to a new client. It was a prestigious facility, doing fascinating work, with a huge conglomerate parent.

The first job was worth hundreds. The campaign promised thousands. Was I mad?

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Hidden Hurts

Did you know that the women who grind coffee at the market suffer headaches and insomnia? Constant coffee dust inhalation keeps them permanently wired.

I’d asked as a joke, but it was not. Fascinated by this explicit occupational hazard, I wondered if other businesses had

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A Great Gift

At Christmas, my wife* gave me an amazing gift. The beautiful, rust-proof aluminium name plate you see in the photo. I loved it the moment I unwrapped it.

This plate has since proven its worth

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What’s with Twitter?

Is Twitter relevant to your small business? Guest blogger Joanna Maxwell shares her experiences with the popular social media tool and explains how it’s helped her business. …

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What Do YOU Want?

This is Blog Post 52. I’m halfway through my MYOB contract. What do you reckon?

Words can’t describe my gratitude for your readership and comments thus far. To help me hone my game and keep you

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Gift rap

Christmas (Xmas) is coming. And good clients are particularly precious this season. Should we send cards or gifts? If gifts, what? And how much should we spend? In matters of etiquette, no thing is better than the wrong thing. But that’s pretty lame. So let us

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Divided Loyalties

Loyalty scheme. Sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s the truth: a scheme to gain loyalty.

Faith in loyalty schemes (also called loyalty programs) was beaten out of me over three punishing rounds.

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Deal Breakers

It can take years to gain a client and seconds to lose one. Sometimes, the break is audible. Below are four such pivotal moments, frozen for your perusal.

Pelvic Thrust


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Hair Razing

When I chat with cutters and colourists, their stories are always the same.

Every salon they’ve worked for has either refused to pay their superannuation or merely pretended to pay it.

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