Non Capisco*

It’s pizza, Giacomo, but not as we know it.


We get heaps of pizza fliers in our letterbox.

I seldom read them, let alone use them.

Last night, however, saw a rare aligning of Venus and Mercury. I was ready to try the latest

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I’ve long preached that every thing we do builds or erodes our brand.

Well, our local windscreen washer just annihilated his.

All compassion has been cauterised from my heart.

Never again will I feel charitable to his vocation.


The Iceman Cometh

Not-So-Good Friday. The wife and I idle

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Trust Me, I’m a Hoax Speaker

The quality of our guest bloggers continues to blow me away. Today we welcome the very talented and very funny Graeme Bowman, corporate comedian, MC and hoax speaker. What’s a hoax speaker, you may ask? Guess you’ll just have to read on :).  


How many times

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What Clients Do You Want?

Life’s more fun when you dig the same drum.

When I first went solo, my answer to this question was ANYONE!

As I got established, I gained the power to choose.

I’ve since sacked a few clients for wilful misconduct and worrying

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Boxing Clever

                                                  What’s NOT to like?!


Having ranted a bit lately, I’m delighted to share a great news story.

One that counters my recent poor service and bad packaging adventures.



I ordered some stuff from Officeworks (after my debacle with the budget mob).

When the box

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Dishing Dirt

Would you buy a pfoofer valve from this man?


As with large wooden beads, most business owners can string a sentence.

Due to this, many don’t feel they need a professional writer to optimise their communications.

Now and then I get a reminder of

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Sky High Quoting

Empire buildings, environs, infrastructure and access routes, as viewed from EmpSat2*.


Though illuminating, our Building Fences debate didn’t generate one fence builder inquiry.

Number 8’s dad is now doing her fence and Number 12 has decided to sell!

My great social media vs tradies

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Policy Shift

Each decision you automate frees you for higher thinking.


After reading The E Myth by Michael Gerber a few years ago, I plunged into a flurry of business systemisation.

Adam codified my thoughts and added his own and we ended up with a

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Conditions Apply*

The devil’s in the detail.


I hate ‘offers’ whose conditions render them impractical, untrue or even pernicious.

For months I’ve collected samples for a post on this debilitating aspect of human nature.

Then my wife handed me One Offer to

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