Online accounting: what dreams are made of

Files and folders

One of the lessons I have learned as a business owner is to continually assess ways to eradicate administration. The paperwork and correspondence associated with running a business soon shatter any fantasy associated with the freedom of being an entrepreneur.

When I was a little girl, I distinctly remember dreaming about having my very own office. This marvellously organised hallucination was complete with labelled dividers, colour-coded manila folders, and matching stationery such as a sticky tape holder, stapler, pens, and ruler. I am the first to admit I still get an irrational satisfaction when purchasing pens, notebooks, paper diaries, and every kind of office supply.

Staying organised is still one of my greatest desires, but it doesn’t come as naturally as a little girl’s daydream. Now that I’m all grown up, I delight in running my own marketing agency. But if you are an entrepreneur of sorts, you may have discovered the same thing I did: Not long after the dream of running your own business came to reality, you woke up in a bookkeeping nightmare.

One of the best decisions I made early on was to use an online accounting system. Perhaps it was even before our business really needed it. Having my accounts in the cloud allows for increased operational efficiency. For me, it is about more than that though: it is about my sanity. I have found that having my finances under control is as pleasurable as any coordinated stationery.

Once it became time to get additional help with this side of my business, because the system was accessed online, the hand over was minutes away. I didn’t need much prompting to say goodbye to spending hours keying in data.

The fundamental practice of making money means getting paid. Filing, data-entry, bookkeeping, and invoicing creep in, and it’s not long until Mr. Bookkeeping takes on an all-consuming persona. Not the pristine environment I had envisaged.

When I walk into a store like kikki.K, I still feel my uterus contract from excitement. But these days software is my new fixation. I like to think the word ‘soft’ in software means to make a boring task more palatable or, better still, disappear altogether.

Business and strategy are creative in nature. I work much more like a whirlwind, terrorising tidy wherever I go. At times, I am quite feverish in my approach to projects. So, just thinking about something as simple and mundane as filling in a form makes the blood drain from my face or makes me want to hug a toaster in the bath!

May God bless all of you born with the gift of administration; you are the backbone of our marketing team. But I was born without that chromosome, so I’ll stick with online accounting.