New Year, better clouds on the horizon

MYOB New Year, better cloud

I love the start of a new year.  It’s a time to think about possibilities, dream of what can be done and then get cracking to make them happen.

Generally, I take 2 weeks off over the Christmas to New Year period (running a business that is based around financial year end makes this possible).  That means when I return, the hits and misses from the old year are behind me and there are only open fields and opportunities out in front.  Happy days!

As CEO, my role is to ensure a clear vision of our future, get all parties on board, and make sure we have the right tools, capability and capacity to deliver on the vision.  I’m a bridge between the outside and the inside of our business; between our shareholders, clients, partners and team members.

At MYOB our vision is to Make Business Life Easier.

Let’s be clear – being in business isn’t easy.  There are never enough hours in the day.  The pressure can be immense.  You need to have so many skills to make everything come together.  Experts charge an arm and leg.

And it wasn’t always sunshine and roses for us. MYOB was founded 21 years ago with the idea that if we made big investments in products that did most of what business owners wanted, we’d be able to offer them a solution at the fraction of the price available at that time.  Commentators said we were crazy.  That we’d go out of business selling accounting solutions for less than $500.

After 2 decades, we are stronger than ever.  Most of the accounting solutions we sell today are still less than $500 – but we’ve served over 1 million businesses in those 21 years.  On top of that, we now serve over 50,000 businesses with website solutions and over 10,000 accounting practices with practice solutions.

Over the past couple of years we’ve transformed our business from one of a provider of desktop solutions to a leader in online business.

The reason I’m so excited about 2013, is that the large initial investment to get our cloud solutions to market has been made. We’re now in the operational ramp-up phase. We officially launched AccountRight Live last year, offering online flexibilities to our customers. We’re supporting more live clients every day, listening to their feedback and improving our offerings based on what they’re telling us.

When we started our transformation years ago, our vision was connecting business owners with their bookkeepers, accountants, banks, employees, customers, prospects and others to make their business lives easier.  And now we’re seeing it.

Clients have told us that they’ve cut a significant amount of their data entry time by having daily bank feeds in AccountRight Live.  And by empowering business owners to build a website in 30 minutes that’s mobile-enabled and search-optimised, business owners are telling us we’ve saved them thousands of dollars and many headaches.  It is so exciting for me to hear these stories – our vision has become reality.

For MYOB, 2013 will continue to be all about leveraging the cloud to make business owners’ days a little bit easier.  We will build on what we’ve launched by listening, learning and improving our solutions.

My hope is that by the end of the year these solutions will help more businesses to do what they do best – and let you love your work.

Do you have a clear view of what your business will be doing in 2013?  I’d love to hear some of your hopes, stories and dreams.