#MYOB2014: New cloud and mobile solutions

Throughout 2014, we’re launching a series of innovative cloud solutions for start-up, micro and small businesses and their advisors, enhancing our full-service offering. These include a new product line-up, product extensions and changes to product names.

So, what’s in store for our clients in 2014?

  • Launch of MYOB Essentials
  • Streamlining MYOB AccountRight
  • Launch of a mobile payment app called MYOB PayDirect
  • Launch of MYOB Accountants Office and Accountants Enterprise OnTheGo

CEO Tim Reed explains everything in this video. We’ve also covered the what, why, when, who, where and how for each announcements below.

Launching MYOB Essentials

 MYOB Essentials 2014

What is MYOB Essentials?

MYOB Essentials solution is online accounting made easy, especially for those new to accounting or starting a business. Clients get 3 options with MYOB Essentials

An online solution enables accountants to allocate a client’s financial transactions for accounting purposes while managing the level of client involvement. Clients can work simultaneously with their accountant or take a hands-off approach.


This is a richer, more advanced version of the browser-based accounting solution MYOB LiveAccounts. It will comprise an enhanced feature set, updated user interface and API providing a network of add-ons and integration with other MYOB products. Soon after launch, this will include integration with MYOB Accountants Office and MYOB Accountants Enterprise practice suites, to enable year end accounts to be produced directly from the MYOB Essentials ledger.

Accounting with Payroll

All the great functionalities of Accounting module including a more advanced version of MYOB LiveAccounts payroll. Improved payroll feature sets will be made available as one of a range of optional in-product features for clients to select and include with the Accounting module.

How does MYOB Essentials work?

Everything is in the cloud! Access it from any browser, on any devices, anywhere, anytime. Have we mentioned it is online accounting made easy?

When will it be released?

MYOB Essentials range will be released in early April with cashbook and accounting (with payroll) module available. In Q3, payroll will be decoupled from the accounting module to cater for solo operators wanting an even simpler online accounting solution.

How much will MYOB Essentials cost?

MYOB Essentials Cashbook will be $16 inc GST per month in AU and $16 plus GST per month in NZ

MYOB Essentials Accounting will be the same price as LiveAccounts – $29 inc GST per month in AU and $23 plus GST per month in NZ

Effective Q3 2014, the price for MYOB Essentials Accounting with Payroll will be $40 inc GST per month in AU and $34 plus GST per month in NZ

Users do not need to pay more for extra baggage. They will get an unlimited number of invoices and unlimited number of users under the accounting module. For the accounting with payroll module, users will be able to have an unlimited number of employees in the system.  Did we mention you also get bank feeds?

How will MYOB Essentials integrate with other MYOB solutions?

After its early April launch, MYOB Essentials Accounting will be integrated with:

  • MYOB Accountants Office OnTheGo and Accountants Enterprise OnTheGo from May
  • Client Accounting from mid-year
  • The integrated PayDirect app later in 2014
  • The MYOB Essentials API will also open up a range of opportunities for integration

How do I get my hands on it?

MYOB Essentials cashbook option will only be available exclusively through MYOB partners.

MYOB Essentials accounting & accounting with payroll module will be available on our website for online purchase

What happens now?

Existing clients of MYOB will be contacted closer to the launch date.

Streamlining MYOB AccountRight

MYOB AccountRight 2014

What’s happening with MYOB AccountRight?

  • The product name MYOB AccountRight Live will revert to MYOB AccountRight in a nod to the increasingly online nature of the company’s product offering.
  • We’re also taking AccountRight Premier to the cloud.
  • We’ve been delivering product updates every 6-8 weeks last year, and will continue to do so to keep improving AccountRight.

When will all this happen?

The cloud-enabled version of MYOB AccountRight Premier will be released later in 2014.

How does MYOB AccountRight work?

MYOB AccountRight is super flexible and gives you the option of using it as desktop software or in the cloud — online or offline.

How do I get my hands on MYOB AccountRight?

  • All current modules will remain available for clients. AccountRight Plus and Premier will be available for purchase online.
  • AccountRight Basics and Standard will be offered through MYOB to clients who see those products as the most suitable for them, and the products will be available at retail stores.
  • The soon to be released MYOB Essentials Accounting will contain all the key features of AccountRight Basics and Standard for those clients looking to purchase online.

Why are we doing this?

We’re simplifying our product architecture to assist all our clients and partners in choosing the most appropriate solution – that’s our number one goal

Launching MYOB PayDirect

MYOB PayDirect


MYOB PayDirect is a free mobile app that enables business owners to take payments, send receipts and manage their invoicing and contacts. Read all about it in a separate blog post on MYOB PayDirect

Launching MYOB Accountants Office OnTheGo and MYOB Accountants Enterprise OnTheGo

MYOB AO and AE OnTheGo

What is it?

It is a browser-based interface that enables accountants to access their practice management data from MYOB solutions from any web browser, including from mobile devices.

When will it be launched?

It will be launched in Q1.