MYOB PayDirect turns smartphones into payment terminals

Mobile technologies are quickly blurring the line between our personal and work lives, to the extent that our lives nowadays seem to be governed by a tiny device called the smartphone. For people running a business, having a central device to stay in control of their business can be extremely handy.

In line with this, we’re proud to announce our latest solution in the works, MYOB PayDirect. MYOB PayDirect will be a free mobile app that enables business owners to take payments, send receipts and manage their invoicing and contacts on-the-go and is integrated with AccountRight Live. The app will essentially turn your smartphones into payment terminals.

Why MYOB PayDirect?

Our research shows one in 10 business operators already take payments on-the-go but one in three say they would benefit from being able to. They could significantly improve their cash flow, a top five SME pain point, by incorporating this solution into their business – taking payments on the spot and receiving funds in 2 days instead of in 30, 60 or 90 days. You can run business from your pocket and work even more effectively while out of the office.

For accountants and bookkeepers, MYOB PayDirect will also help realize the vision of a paperless office. As clients sync payment straight from their phones to AccountRight, this will reduce data entry, improves accuracy and saves time.

We’ve found that some clients are satisfied with a desktop solution and others happily work in the cloud, but what they have in common is a desire to manage their business from their pocket whenever they need to.

Who is it for?

PayDirect suits any SME – from tradies, market stall owners, personal trainers right through to active mobile businesses – who need to get paid fast, and also manage their business on the go

When will it be launched?

For Australia, a limited release will launch late in Q1 for early adopters, with the general release planned for Q2 2014. For New Zealand, it will be launched in the second half of this year.

Which features will be released?

The feature set for Q1 in so far is:

  • Payments – turning a compatible iOS or Android smartphone into a mobile merchant terminal, taking payments on-the-go, sending receipts and improving cash flow. For payments, business owners can connect a card reader to their smartphone, providing an easy and secure way to receive credit card* payments. EFTPOS compatibility will be available later in the year.
  • AccountRight Live integration for clients running their accounts in the cloud, which adds:
    • Invoicing – for managing, creating, editing and sending invoices
    • Contacts – for managing, creating and editing contact details of customers and suppliers, including maps and driving directions

Integration with the MYOB Essentials* range and many additional features will follow over subsequent months.

*VISA and MasterCard only

*MYOB Essentials is the new, richer version of LiveAccounts launching early April

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  • so it wont work with the mac based products?

    • Hi Marc,

      For the release in Q2, the mobile app/card reader will work with Internet-enabled devices with iOS 6 or 7 and Android 4.0 or higher such as iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4 etc.


      • yes but what i am asking is will it work with account edge basic when its out?

      • Ah sorry, my bad! No, in initial release it will be integrated with AccountRight Live with MYOB Essentials to follow. MYOB Essentials is browser based so it will be device agnostic. Worth checking out in April when it is released.

        Thanks Marc.

  • This is a brilliant idea. I’ll be downloading it as soon as it hits the App Store!!

  • Diego

    Can I please get on the early adopters list?

    • Hi Diego,

      Thanks for your interest. We will open pre-registration for MYOB PayDirect sometime early April. Do check out this blog. We will announce when it opens.


  • Jen

    Will the merchant fees be comparable to MYOB EFTPOS?

    • Hi Jen,

      Unfortunately, I can’t comment on pricing for MYOB PayDirect until launch date. But do watch this space when it launches. Are you using MYOB EFTPOS?

      – Aishah

  • Aaron


    You have said that integration with essentials will
    Come in the following months. Do you have a timeframe on that at all?


  • Nathan

    I’ve been using the mobile app with accountright live and it is great. I am wondering can I use a customised invoice with the app. It seems to use the stock service invoice and I can find anywhere to change it.

    • Hi Nathan,

      Customised forms are not possible with the app at this stage. The app takes the default invoice layout set up in customer card file. The layout needs to be updated in the default Account Right file.


  • Louise

    The App for paydirect on my Iphone 4 is reading that there is no internet connection when I am trying to process a payment. There is Internet connection on my phone.. So I am not sure if there is something I need to turn on/off

    • Hi Louise,

      Sorry I’m not a tech expert here. Can you post this question on our community forum? There is a dedicated support team answering questions there.


  • Don

    We are signing up/integrating our first MYOB PayDirect client in Blacktown tomorrow. Once we have bedded him down you guys might be interested in a case study.