MYOB Essentials Cashbook now out for accountants

Introducing the MYOB Essentials Cashbook for accountants.

This is a story about Bob, the plumber.

Bob’s papers are in his overall pockets – receipts, notes, and invoices are stuffed in there along with his trusty plumber’s tape. Every couple of weeks, he finds time to sit down and organise his papers into a spreadsheet – painfully.

Last week Bob’s overalls went into the washing machine by accident, reducing his papers to a white, pulpy mulch.

Horrified? Unfortunately, this is how many of the 2,141,280 (at last count) Australian businesses manage their books. But as an accountant you’d know it all too well.

Three reasons MYOB Essentials Cashbook is good for business

MYOB Essentials Cashbook is for your clients with straightforward accounting needs: money in, money out. They are the ones with manual ledgers or Excel spreadsheets, but are ready to move online to stay on top of their cash position.

1. No more painful data entry

A business’ bank transactions are automatically imported into MYOB Essentials Cashbook. Imagine the time saved, and the end to Bob’s laundry day nightmare.

Essentials Cashbook bank feeds
Managing bank feeds


MYOB Essentials Cashbook bank feeds rules
Setting rules for bank feeds

2. Stay in control

Essentials Cashbook is only available through MYOB partners and accountants. You set your clients up in Cashbook, then decide whether to share access, or to do it all in-house for them.

MYOB Essentials Cashbook Journals


3. Work smarter not harder

It’s 100 percent online and accessible anywhere, anytime. So you, or your client, can make adjustments as often as you like – not just at tax time. Bob can now check his books on the job while waiting for the sealant to dry. Nice.

Essentially, MYOB Essentials Cashbook is a smart solution for accountants with small business clients using different accounting solutions or spreadsheets. It ‘tidies up’ the way you work with them, and that’s got to be a good thing for making your time more efficient, right?

MYOB Essentials Cashbook is free to use until 30 June 2014. After that, it only costs $16 per month for each client. Register your interest for Essentials Cashbook right now. The Bobs in your client base will shower* you with happiness if you do.

*Really? That’s the best plumbing pun you can come up with?