MYOB BankLink gives you more time to be a partner

Finding more time to be a partner, not a provider, can be challenging.

Brendan Drummond, Partner at SHB Business & Wealth Advisers in Warrnambool, is a long-time user of MYOB BankLink. Knowing that incoming data is timely and accurate means he has more time to do what he really loves – helping clients improve their businesses.

For a growing business, keeping things moving day by day can be a massive challenge.

Adding paperwork at the end of a long day can be downright exhausting.

That’s what accountants are for, right? But while accountants and bookkeepers have always been around to help businesses pick up the slack, there are plenty of monotonous tasks they need to wade through. Like looking through individual bank transactions one by one. Just like many other business owners, they’d rather be tacking more important challenges.

Brendan loves helping his clients improve their businesses. BankLink and bank feeds have helped Brendan move his firm from a purely service-based model to a consultancy.

“No longer do we need teams of people just punching in data entry from bank statements hour after hour – it’s all done for us,” he says.

Check out the video below to see how BankLink and bank feeds are helping Brendan transform his business.