Meridian Retail: POS software for retailers

As our community of add-on partner grows, we’d like to show you some of the great work they have been doing with the MYOB API. After ServiceM8 and Timely, next up we have Meridian Retail, a solution specifically for Australian retailers.

We spoke to Patrick Heslin of Retail Integration, who took us through all the bells and whistles of Meridian Retail, a point of sale (POS) software that synchs with MYOB AccountRight.

Who is Retail Integration?

Retail Integration has been working since 1996 with retailers. Our flagship product Meridian Retail is a highly functional POS software that meets the needs of the most demanding retailers.

We continuously work with retailers and every development we undertake has been from the point of view of the retailer. We first seek to completely understand their needs and only then will we sit down to discuss potential solutions. Solutions are critically reviewed not only to see if they meet the requirement but also to explore what other needs can be met. In this way we strive to exceed expectations.

The overall aim of the Meridian Retail software is to provide retailers with all of the information they need to run their stores whether that be a wine retailer with one branch to a multi store fashion retailer or a nationwide sports store.

How does Meridian Retail help small businesses?

Meridian Retail handles the full range of functionality of a POS software required by a retailer. Obviously, it handles all the sales transactions that occur on a daily basis on the shop floor from simple cash reconciliation to complex offers and discounts.

It has a complete stock control function which provides livestock availability for all branches, warehouses and web stores. The stocktaking function can handle partial of full counts and we are particularly proud of the sophisticated Suggested Purchase Option which will help the retailer optimise stock levels. It not only takes account of sales levels, lead times and min/max’s but also of seasonality and times that items were out of stock.

Meridian also facilitates integrated gift card programs that can be used immediately across all branches. Gift cards need not be in predetermined amounts but can be purchased and topped up by the customer over time.

As more retailers are now using loyalty or membership schemes, we have a comprehensive integrated loyalty scheme option. The software allows customisation of programs and offers while comprehensive reporting will help retailers gather intelligence to enhance their offerings.

Meridian Retail has an extensive range of reports out of the box but customised reporting is also available. Being able to schedule and email reports automatically is a very popular feature for busy retailers.

How does Meridian Retail work with MYOB AccountRight?

Once an initial interface has been configured (mainly to decide which nominal accounts to post to) then all transactions carried out on the POS are posted automatically to MYOB AccountRight. Cash sales, sales to account, gift card transactions and deposits and layaways are all seamlessly synched. Set up a customer account on AccountRight and a customer can charge items to that account on the shop floor. The update can be scheduled daily or updated on demand at the press of a button.

This integration eliminates the need to generate reports and produce journals to update MYOB and accounts are up to date without any delay. Coupled with extensive sales and stock reporting available on Meridian, this partnership can provide a retailer with all the tools required to run his or her business.

Is Meridian Retail available in the cloud, on desktop or both?

Meridian is a desktop system used on premise. However, the advanced trickle polling function means that all data is available centrally within minutes. Each retail location can operate in standalone mode which means that the retailer can trade through communication interruptions while still having access to the latest data.

Where can I learn more about Meridian Retail?

You can get more information including dealers’ details and watch our video on MYOB AccountRight integration on our website or email me at I will do my best to answer any queries. Check out the links below:

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