Little Changes. Big Impacts.


Five seemingly small things that will make a big difference to the way you use AccountRight

Recently I have had the opportunity to spend time with our Seminar Presenters on the upcoming AccountRight Masterclass seminars, and had got an in depth look at the newest version of our much loved AccountRight software.

It took me back to the day we released Premier version 12, the whole interface had moved away from a grey background to the current white look. Most of the clients I spoke to thought it looked great, and while a handful thought it was too ‘bright’, they generally appreciated the cleaner, sleeker look.

Some of the new features seem like really small things, but I see them having a big impact to the way we work.  If you have read Malcolm Gladwell’s book ‘The Tipping Point  – how little things can make a big difference‘ you will already get the gist of my top five small things that will make a big difference to your AccountRight 2011 experience.

1. Multiple Windows

Want to look at two reports at the same time? (Without printing them off, of course!)  Done.  Those of you with wide screens, or better still multiple monitors, will appreciate being able to launch a report in its own window, move it to the side and launch another, and another.

2. Column Sorting

Another great new feature is that most columns are now sortable. Use the data on your screen before you even print.  It’s simple to answer questions like “what is our biggest expense?” in just three clicks.

3. Searching

Imagine this – you get a garbled phone message and you can only pick up the last three digits of the phone number, you didn’t catch the name or company.  Lost opportunity?  Type the three digits you did get into the cards list search field, and AccountRight will display only those records that have that combination of numbers in the card.  A return call with some clever positioning and open ended questions might save that lost sale.

 4. No Purging

To maintain speedy access to your data file in the past we have had to purge old transaction history and optimise the file – a time consuming process that meant that historical information wasn’t readily available at your fingertips.  Now that the underlying engine under the hood has moved to an SQL (newer) format the data is handled differently, which means that we no longer have to purge old records, or even optimise at all.

5. User Access control

The ability to restrict users from certain areas of your data was in some cases an ‘all or nothing’ exercise, that involved a great deal of trial and error.  Now there are pre-defined roles that you can assign based on the command centres.  Keep your sales team out of payroll but give them access to time billing.  They will still be able to get the details of staff from the cards list, but won’t be able to see sensitive payroll info.

These are just some of the fantastic new features in AccountRight, and the best news is that we have plenty more to share in our upcoming AccountRight Masterclass seminar, kicking off around the country later this month.

I hope to see you all there!


Darcy Nicolson | Training Operations Manager – MYOB

  • Fiona Snepvangers

    I see once again that Tasmania is not catered for in the Masterclass seminars. Do you think MYOB could arrange a webinar that covers all that the masterclass does to reach the people in the areas MYOB is not catering for.

    • Angela

      MYOB forgets Darwin as well

    • Penny

      I work in Tasmania, and was also disapointed to see we were not catered for.

    • Wendy

      I would love to participate in your Masterclass, but I am also disadvantaged because I am inTasmania.

  • Thanks Fiona – we are in the process setting the dates for the webinars, I will get back to you on this forum to advise the exact dates and times, likey to be mid April.

    • Fiona Snepvangers

      Thank you Darcy.

    • Cecilia Reid

      Hi Darcy – What is the chances of being able to access the webinars of an evening. As I am in the office on my own I find it difficult to dedicate the time during the day

    • Hi Fiona, here is the link for the webinars –

  • Trish McInnes

    Hi, looks great.
    Would love to attend but no classes in Darwin. A webinar sounds great!!

  • Kim

    When is Accountright 2011 due for release ?

    • Liam

      It’s already out.

      Why is the ‘new’ user account arrangement being touted as ‘better’?

      You’ve oversimplified what used to be a great feature.

      There are businesses out there that need this feature returned as soon as possible.

    • Hi Kim, Liam is correct, AccountRight 2011 was released last November.

      If you check out our website, you’ll find more information on features and changes. Please let me know if you’d like to touch base with a team member to find out more!



  • Irate

    When is the software going to be working properly – Support says that the Entitlement reports ‘are not working and will be fixed in the next update’ (Payroll module)

  • Anne

    Okay so there may be some good things with this new release, but the basic issue of speed hasn’t been addressed in either of the updates that came out after the release. I have wasted so much time just waiting for pages to load, especially while doing the payroll. Some of the things that have been changed are NOT for the better, for example when you drill down in Sales Receivables on an invoice, you get the two amounts for the invoice, as the GST component is separated out. So you cannot see at a glance what the customer owes you as you could in the old version. I am very disappointed in this new version.

  • Beverley Ettingshausen

    I am going to the Masterclass ONLY to confirm my observations, after installing the new version of MYOB. However, I feel obliged at this time, to deter my clients from upgrading, due to the fact that 99% of them do NOT want, nor NEED the new features.
    The average user of MYOB purchased it to simplify their record keeping for their accountant. Very few actually use the Reports.
    Filtering, changing columns, etc. is too sophisticated for most, and an unnecessary tool.
    Data entry is slower in the new version – this, alone, is a deterrent.

  • Cheryl

    One small change that I would like to see happen is the abilitiy to email PAYG Summaries at year end straight out of MYOB just like we can with payslips. The law allows it these days, and so many people move but still keep their email addresses – and it cuts down on postage.

    Looking forward to working with the new version.

  • Dominic

    When looking at a Purchases transaction journal why is it that the supplier invoice number isn’t shown and instead it’s the PO number which I don’t use.? I use this function when a supplier rings up and wants to know what invoices I paid. Is there another section I can go to to get this info ?

    • Cheryl Kannemeyer

      Hi Dominic, try using the Purchase Register on the Suppliers main screen, then just drill into the invoice.
      Click onto the Open items tab and the amount O/S is shown immediately

  • We are in Townsville and would also be very interested in a Webinar. Thanks.

    • Great to hear Jodie! Darcy will have webinar details available soon, and we’ll be sure to post them here for you.



  • Ken Hurry

    I am dissapointed.
    I went to the trouble of setting out to MYOB how to make easy changes to the existing format to enable users to fnally have a decent job costing system. This was about 6 months ago.
    It only entailed making all the fields already in MYOB available to set up a more meaningful job cost report A3 size – MYOB’s big archille’s heel. I see it is still not done – yet to a competent programmer, it may take half a day to do.
    I often need to recommend an accounting system to other companies, but MYOB falls so short in the job costing, it is excluded.

    • Wendy

      I agree with Ken that Job Costing in MYOB needs to have some improvements. For example it would be useful to see the full job number on screen when you enter it with an invoice. If the field length is 15 characters why can we only see 8 characters on screen? If you can sort columns now, surely we can change the width as well. We all have monitors that can display much more than what is being displayed.

  • Jenelle

    I’m with Fiona in hoping for a Masterclass Webinar. Because of major health issues I find it virtually impossible to attend the Masterclass, and I would love to find out more. You will reach a really wide audience with this one, I’m sure.

    • Thanks Jenelle!

      We appreciate that it can be difficult in a country as large as ours for people to get to a face to face presentation, but Darcy and the team are working on webinar details as we speak (type?). We’ll post details here once confirmed.



  • Les Jando

    Will there be a training / dummy site that we can look?

  • Warwick

    Have you been able yet to work out a way to upgrade cheques ETC, without the time consuming RE Customising of documents – I have 15 different documents that can;t be upgraded as before.

  • Hi everyone

    Thanks for joining in the conversation!

    We appreciate all feedback about our products, as we’re keen to continually improve the experience of AccountRight 2011. We are aware of some performance issues that are affecting some users, and the team are working on these as we speak to ensure that AccountRight 2011 meets your expectations. You’ll find information on our website about the upcoming release of Service Pack 3, which focuses on optimising performance for those who are still experiencing unacceptable speed levels.

    I’ve noticed that some of you have posted some technical queries, and while we welcome all commentary here on The Pulse, you wont find many of our product specialists hanging out here to provide assistance! Our Community Forum is a great place to post this feedback, as both our support team members and partners are on hand to provide assistance.

    I’d love to help find some solutions for the questions posed above, so I’m going to refer the questions above to our support team. They’ll be in contact over the next few days to assist.

    Thanks for stopping by The Pulse!