Little Changes. Big Impacts.

Five seemingly small things that will make a big difference to the way you use AccountRight

Recently I have had the opportunity to spend time with our Seminar Presenters on the upcoming AccountRight Masterclass seminars, and had got an in depth look at the newest version of our much loved AccountRight software.

It took me back to the day we released Premier version 12, the whole interface had moved away from a grey background to the current white look. Most of the clients I spoke to thought it looked great, and while a handful thought it was too ‘bright’, they generally appreciated the cleaner, sleeker look.

Some of the new features seem like really small things, but I see them having a big impact to the way we work.  If you have read Malcolm Gladwell’s book ‘The Tipping Point  – how little things can make a big difference‘ you will already get the gist of my top five small things that will make a big difference to your AccountRight 2011 experience.

1. Multiple Windows

Want to look at two reports at the same time? (Without printing them off, of course!)  Done.  Those of you with wide screens, or better still multiple monitors, will appreciate being able to launch a report in its own window, move it to the side and launch another, and another.

2. Column Sorting

Another great new feature is that most columns are now sortable. Use the data on your screen before you even print.  It’s simple to answer questions like “what is our biggest expense?” in just three clicks.

3. Searching

Imagine this – you get a garbled phone message and you can only pick up the last three digits of the phone number, you didn’t catch the name or company.  Lost opportunity?  Type the three digits you did get into the cards list search field, and AccountRight will display only those records that have that combination of numbers in the card.  A return call with some clever positioning and open ended questions might save that lost sale.

 4. No Purging

To maintain speedy access to your data file in the past we have had to purge old transaction history and optimise the file – a time consuming process that meant that historical information wasn’t readily available at your fingertips.  Now that the underlying engine under the hood has moved to an SQL (newer) format the data is handled differently, which means that we no longer have to purge old records, or even optimise at all.

5. User Access control

The ability to restrict users from certain areas of your data was in some cases an ‘all or nothing’ exercise, that involved a great deal of trial and error.  Now there are pre-defined roles that you can assign based on the command centres.  Keep your sales team out of payroll but give them access to time billing.  They will still be able to get the details of staff from the cards list, but won’t be able to see sensitive payroll info.

These are just some of the fantastic new features in AccountRight, and the best news is that we have plenty more to share in our upcoming AccountRight Masterclass seminar, kicking off around the country later this month.

I hope you see you all there!


Darcy Nicolson | Training Operations Manager – MYOB