Keeping the faith

Ever been down for the count?


Something happened last week that resonated on so many levels, I thought it ideal for this forum.

It concerns my bookkeeper – a service provider I imagine many of our readers use.

Your view on the matter could change a life.


Slug fest

As you may know, I’d rather collect slugs in the rain than do my books.

I hate bookkeeping so much, I outsource all but tiniest transactions.

I don’t even want a bookkeeper at Empire House. The mere act of doing my books unsettles me for hours before and after each visit.

So imagine my joy when my current bookkeeper, Sally, suggested I mail my papers to her for remote processing.

We’ve done this twice now, and it works a treat – just one or two phone queries and she delivers everything back: on time and shipshape.

Alas, Sally herself isn’t so jolly just now.


Crying time

When I greeted her at my gate last week, she was very upset.

One of her main gigs had just been pulled with no notice – a role that had lasted two years.

I immediately sympathised: it’s easy to get used to a steady work source.

And not at all easy to find new gigs fast when one spontaneously combusts on rent day.

Even if you are a smart, swift, unaffiliated freelancer who knows all the programs and can dovetail with any accountant.


Bright side

I assured Sally something would turn up.

Then wondered how (if?) I could help.

I recommended her ages ago on LinkedIn, but this alone obviously isn’t enough.

I could tweet about her, but how many of my 18,000 followers would find this relevant?

I’m not big on Facebook.

I don’t attend many BBQs (though they can be extremely effective).

I don’t think Pinterest would be much use.

So how else can we get the word out?

Well, I can write this post.

Better still, I can ask you.


Mighty quest

  • What channels do you use to find work?
  • What networks do you tap when you need to increase your client base?

I’ve sent Sally a supportive video, but it can only last so long.

I’d love to give her more business generation ideas.

Doing so may even grow the entire bookkeeping pie.

To these ends, your view is warmly welcomed.

In fact,

We’re counting on it!



Paul Hassing | Founder & Senior Writer – The Feisty Empire