Is your business being unsocial on social networks?

Two insights and observations for you this week that seem to be challenging for some businesses using social networks.

The first is restrictions on fan posts on Facebook pages

Open your Facebook and navigate to your business page. In the top right click Edit page and Manage permissions to get to this screen.

We’re interested in the Posting Ability options

What options do you have enabled here? Do you allow users to write or post content on your wall?

Many brand pages deny their fans the ability to share content or post comments and feedback on their wall. Perhaps they are scared about what people might say about them or that people might post inappropriate content. Either way it’s unsocial.

Managing your business Facebook page takes a little time each day. Someone in your team should have a smart phone or the ability to receive notifications when someone posts on your wall so if the content is unsuitable it can be deleted or dealt with. Complaints or issues should ideally be dealt with on the wall as a comment reply unless it’s defamatory, rude or just totally inappropriate.  Most people who post on brand page walls want to share their brand experience, something funny or interesting and that’s the sort of engagement that Facebook offers, unless of course you block that.

Blocking user comments is like telling your audience “we’re not interested in what you have to say” and if the brand won’t listen to its customers why should they listen to the brand?

The more you can encourage people to engage with your business on Facebook the more people will see those posts, see their friends talking about you and perhaps like your page too.

The other issue is when businesses start a Facebook or Twitter profile and then neglect it.

I’ve probably mentioned this before but it’s critical to the image of your brand and your business online. All too often we see Twitter accounts when the last tweet was 2 months ago or a Facebook profile with customer comments that are weeks old with no replies.

If someone emails you or calls your customer service number and you ignore them, how do you think that customer will feel? They will probably talk to your competitor and you’ll lose their business.

A neglected social profile is worse for your brand than not having a profile at all. Social networking takes time, effort and a good plan. Even if you’re only posting once per day or three times per week it’s much better than nothing at all.

If your business wants to leverage social networking to connect with current and potential customers please, be social, engage, reply and be active every day, otherwise you’ll look like a closed shop.


Justin Flitter | Social Media Consultant –