iPad conscious

Does one need an iPad?

It’s 3.00 am.

Do I need an iPad?

They’re all the rage, it seems. But I’m unco.

Fonnie says everyone who goes to meetings at her work brings an iPad.

No-one uses pen and paper any more. Fancy that!

But remember our iPhone disaster?

Won’t an iPad be a hundred times worse?

And won’t my ISP rip me yet another new one for watching The World at War?

Or can you do that free in cafes?

What is a hotspot anyway?

And what’s Wi-Fi? Is it like Fonnie steering clear of the blokes at the tennis club?

All my gear is PC.

I heard Mac and PC don’t talk.

Would I have to buy all new software? I can’t afford the time, let alone the loot!

I should just get that killer gaming laptop on eBay.

$800 for something that cost $2700 last year – what a deal!

Apple doesn’t support computer games, does it?

I like games. But my PC’s getting on a bit.

Should we start from scratch and use all Mac stuff?

All creative types use Macs, don’t they?

But wasn’t there some trouble with staff in Asia?

And what if Samsung wins? Will I be stuck with a Betamax?

But last week I heard the term ‘post-PC era’. Should I get with the program?

I read the latest iPad is just called iPad or the new iPad.

Yet the last one was iPad 2.

So, why not iPad 3?!

Won’t this be insanely confusing if I rock up and ask for one?

Are they helpful at those Apple shops or will they think I’m old and stupid?

Can you even get near them, or do you have to camp for three days?

And is it true the new iPad is cheaper than the old one?

How come that?!

I thought they’d flog the old ones for a song now, but I hear they’re going to keep making both.

And one bloke said he loves iPads but doesn’t think it’s worth upgrading.

God I’m tired …

We’re driving to Geelong today.

That’s an hour and a half in the car.

Each way.

I could be working.

Fonnie says we could easily draft a blog post in the car if we had an iPad.

And do another in the park next weekend.

I could dictate.

That’s such a good use of time.

Maybe we do need one …

It’s 3.02.

What to do?!

Do I need an iPad?

Do we need an iPad?

Do they have iPads? (Some of our readers swore by their iPhones – does this extrapolate?)

Do you own, crave, hate, need or eschew an iPad?

Please …





Paul Hassing | Founder & Senior Writer – The Feisty Empire