How I (almost) bought a Mac: Part 3

the apple and the worm

In Parts 1 and 2 we covered fear of change and the importance of guiding new customers through it.

Our brilliant comments showed the PC vs Mac debate is neither waning nor black and white.

Today we see how trust (and custom) depend on promises being kept.

Twitchy type

You’ll recall that I’m a twitchy arty technophobe.

Having taken years to even think of buying a Mac, my fears were deep and manifold.

So Dick the Apple guy had his work cut out for him.

That said, the gradual unravelling of his spiel spooked me.

And when my new Mac seized trying to deliver the seamless faux-Windows experience he’d touted, I was unnerved.

Fright and flight

Dick assured me it was just a glitch, but I started moving towards the door.

I needed fresh air and time to reassess my $3500 purchase.

Dick said he’d call me as soon as he’d fixed the problem.

I strode to my car and wove home miserably in cold Sunday rain.

Halfway there, Dick called with great news: the Mac was up and running! I  was free to return.

I kept driving, saying I needed time to think.

He said OK.

Dearth and home

When I got home without a box in my arms, my wife’s face fell. She’d bought champagne, made a cheese platter and lit candles to celebrate this happy milestone.

When I told her my tale, she seemed even more disappointed than Dick.

Before I could sit to think things through quietly, Dick phoned again.

Brushing aside my need to reflect, he said he needed an answer, as the next person to see the killer Mac would surely snap it up.

I’m a trusting soul, but this just didn’t ring true – especially in light of Dick’s other less-than-credible pronouncements.

And the fact he was hassling me when I was obviously upset really stuck in my craw.

‘Are you sure you need a decision this instant?’


‘OK … I don’t want the Mac.’

The call ended very soon after.

Square none

My wife looked even more upset at my irrevocable move.

Had I done the wrong thing?

I assured her I’d spend the Mac money supercharging my old PC to make it do all I wished.

(We’ll cover that quest another time.)

For now, I’d like to know what you’d have done in my place.

Was Dick right to push?

Was I right to stand my ground?

Should I have just flowed with the go?

I don’t feel I can enter that store again.

As is so often the case with these blog posts, I’m faced with the question:

where the hell did I go wrong?



Paul Hassing | Founder & Senior Writer – The Feisty Empire