How I (almost) bought a Mac: Part 1

worm on an apple

In ordering a personal computer (PC) to cover work and play, I fell between two chairs.

The machine I got excelled at neither.

Frustrated with its failings and thwarted in my attempts to fix them, I made a BIG move.

I resolved to ditch my 17-year PC allegiance and switch camp to an Apple iMac.

If you’re contemplating similar action, this report could save you some tears.

Trading places

Flushed with our iPad success (and encouraged by my wife to spend money on myself for once) I made detailed investigations about the iMac.

Dick* the Apple guy swore on the manual that a high-end iMac would cream my work applications and shred World of Tanks (WoT).

For the latter, all I need do was run a teensy-weensy Windows emulation program.

Warning sign

To be doubly sure, I checked the WoT forums.

I was encouraged to see others had posted questions on the Mac’s suitability for gaming.

I was less encouraged to see that the forum moderator had been repeatedly forced to delete ‘unhelpful’ responses from PC advocates.

Several commenters had even been banned for obscenity!

As with the Sydney vs Melbourne and Ford vs Holden rivalries, I have no time for something as pitifully irrelevant as Mac vs PC angst.

As with religion and politics, if you’re happy with your life choices, why berate others for theirs?

Anyway, there were enough forum reports of superior Mac gaming performance to reassure me I was doing the right thing.


I rang Dick back and told him I was ready to invest up to $3000 in a high-spec iMac.

He excitedly told me he had the world’s highest-spec behemoth out the back for a mere $3500.

It had been returned two days after purchase by a customer who’d found it …

too powerful to handle.

‘Fantastic!’ I cried. ‘I’ll take it!’

Therein lay the seed of my ruin.

Two tribes

Having just denounced Mac vs PC angst, I realise it could yield a trove of comments.

So, in the interests of digital expediency, which brand do you prefer, and why?

Your view will surely electrify our debate.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for Part 2 of this technical triptych.


* Not his real name. (Though it bloody-well should be.)


Paul Hassing | Founder & Senior Writer – The Feisty Empire