How Essentials Cashbook puts you in the driver’s seat

Rob Marshall is passionate about helping his business clients thrive. When he started Ebiz Solutions back in 1996 with his brother, he had a vision – to train and empower people to use MYOB.

“Back then,” says Rob, “a lot of people were still doing their accounts by ledger, many hadn’t even moved to PCs yet. I knew everyone would eventually use an accounting software in the future. I would tell people about it and they’d just stare at me blankly. But I knew change was coming and that clients would need assistance with setting up and getting started.”

That’s why he set on a path to build the MYOB Central for nearly a decade – a comprehensive training centre for the South West region in WA.

Rob Marshall of Ebiz Solutions

Rob Marshall

“Now it’s all about cloud technology. You have to embrace the cloud now, and if you don’t, it’s at your own peril, you’re going to be left behind,” he explains.

“All of my clients are on MYOB solutions, because we trust that MYOB is the best. It’s more cost-effective and much better than other solutions out there. A lot of accountants don’t realise that it’s a better alternative, fully web-based, for a fraction of the price.”

Massive potential to grow with niche markets

He believes that using the MYOB cloud solutions, such as the Essentials range, saved him and his business approximately 10 hours of work a month, due to how easy it is to use software. Furthermore, bank transaction feeds are imported straight into the software, with a smart memorisation tool that will automatically allocate future transactions of the same type.

With 2,000 clients currently using his services, he sees great potential for the new Essentials Cashbook in a niche market he hasn’t tackled much yet – sports bodies and local associations. When asked why, he replies, “the one person in these associations who gets absolutely no assistance is the treasurer, who’s probably an unfortunate mom who volunteered for the job, and inherits a shoe box or an excel spreadsheet, with no support and no training. I look at Essentials Cashbook and think, it is custom made for these associations – perfect for sporting clubs, churches, and non-profit organisations alike.

Cashbook works really well for a treasurer who needs to work with an auditor or an accountant. It’s really easy to use, easy to set up, with great basic reports, especially the Cash Flow report. Cashbook ticks all the boxes for these clubs.”

Rob agrees that Essentials Cashbook is perfect for his small business clients who don’t have much accounting or bookkeeping experience. “I called a meeting with my staff to discuss how we can use Essentials Cashbook to win new clients. There’s enormous potential in Cashbook that will help me grow my client base.”

Learn more about how you can save time and effort with the new MYOB Essentials Cashbook for Australia and New Zealand.

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