How Bon Jovi taught me to love technology

I saw this picture the other day and it made me laugh. I remember fondly winding back my Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet cassette that my tape deck would always decide to chew up right at the key change moment in ‘Living on a Prayer’.

A few years later I turned on the TV (most likely watching an episode of the Simpsons that I’d seen five times before) and saw an ad introducing the first refrigerator that was connected to the Internet. My immediate thought was ‘that is the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard’.

Now when an ad like that comes on TV, people don’t blink an eye. Heck, if you put a little Apple logo on it and call it an iCooler, it’d sell 350,000 units in a week. Who wouldn’t want something that not only keeps your beer cold but can also download the latest Lady Gaga song for $1.19?

So when did our mindset change? Somewhere between that day and today a fridge being able to talk to your phone, or a TV that can order you a pizza became the norm.

In the year 2000, there were six billion humans on Earth and around 500 million devices connected to the Internet. In 2011, the human race has just ticked past the seven billion mark, but devices that are connected to the Internet reached 13 billion. There are almost twice as many online devices as there are people on earth! Cisco Chief Technology Officer Padma Warrior (how awesome is that name by the way) stated last year that by 2013 there will be 1 Trillion connected devices. It’s mind blowing. And it’s being coined as ‘The Internet of Things’.

There’s a lot of fear about what the ‘Internet of Things’ means to how people and business interact with each other.  And although the vast majority accept that online is where everything is heading, there is still hesitation.  Which of course, is both warranted and expected. It’s human nature to be cautious when approaching or being approached by the unknown. But the thing to keep in mind with this connected future is that everything was unknown once.

Imagine the first person who said ‘Yep, I’m gonna trust this fella that calls himself a banker with all my fortune’. Think back to the first time you showed your dad what a web browser was. Now, you use the bank nearly every day and Dad’s addicted to eBay.

For kids today, the unknown hasn’t happened yet. The ‘Internet of Things’ is normal day-to-day stuff for them. And unfortunately for late adopters, it moves so fast that if you don’t get on board, you’ll likely get left behind.

The future isn’t just coming, it’s here right now. Thirteen billion bits of it!

There are thousands of solutions that have been created with the sole intention to make your life – personal and business – easier. The trick is to find the ones that can make things easier for you, and give it a go.

And if you’re still a little skeptical, I recommend getting your hands on Bon Jovi’s 1986 epic Slippery When Wet and put on track number two really loud. I promise that nothing takes your mind off the worries of modern day life like ‘You Give Love A Bad Name’.

Rock on!