Getting motivated on a Monday

Do you start your working week with a spring in your step or are you one of the many people suffering the symptoms of Mondayitis?

As your weekend draws to a close, does the thought of heading back to work in the morning fill you with dread, or with excitement?

Many people I’ve been in contact with lately say they often start their week feeling tired, unmotivated and anxious. Sleep patterns can often get disrupted over a weekend so it’s not unusual to want another sleep-in when the alarm goes off.

According to a report a couple of years ago in the BBC News, consultant firm Mercer found more than a third of all sick leave was taken on a Monday. That report looked at records for 11,000 employees from a range of private sector organisations and found the most common reasons people gave were musculo-skeletal problems, followed by viral infections and stress-related illness.

However some people look forward to Mondays. People who love their job are often excited to start the working week anew, as are many people who run their own businesses. Part time workers also reported positive comments and some people felt like they were actually having a ‘break’ when they went to the office.

Marketing Consultant Annette Hughes shared with me a great formula she has devised for getting a team through the week. While this may not be suitable for everyone, the concept can be adapted easily.


  • Monday – Meet Up
    Ensures the week gets off to a productive/measured start and everyone is on the same page and understanding what part they play.
  • Tuesday – Team Time
    Focus on getting work done at the office.
  • Wednesday – Work From Home
    Avoid noise and interruptions to get things done.
  • Thursday – Tally Up
    Take stock of where things are at, reprioritise and address anything that will stop you achieving the week’s goals.
  • Friday – Finish Off
    Tidy up loose ends, clarify that everything’s in order to complete the week’s work or progress projects next week.


Many people say that getting organised on a Friday afternoon or Sunday night (if you are okay with working on a weekend) will give you a plan to help you kicking the week off well.

I also like to start the week with a mid-morning meeting and give myself a mini-deadline before it to deal with weekend emails or urgent tasks.

If I’m really lacking motivation, cranking up some high energy music can also provide the boost I need to get going.

In general if a day starts badly, I try to tackle something different and find a way to move on. As one woman put it, “Life’s too short to be moaning about Mondays”.

Which category do you fall into?  Do you spring out of bed on a Monday, ready to greet the week?  Or are you the one pushing the snooze button, for ‘just 5 more minutes’?  Do you have any tips for improving your motivation on Monday morning?

  • Melina – such a great post for a dreary Monday morning!

    I’m definitely the ‘5 more minutes of snoozing kind of person’! Infact, on mornings when I’m particularly unmotivated, I’ll even start sacrificing things for more time in bed – ‘if I eat breakfast at work, I can stay in bed for another 10 minutes…’

    It’s not that I don’t like my job, it’s just difficult after a weekend of sleeping in to be friends with my alarm clock at 7am. Am definitely off to try the planning part – infact, I’m even going to block out an hour on a Friday afternoon to plan for the week ahead. No doubt I’ll be extra spring-y on Monday :)

    • I totally relate Emma – I often fall victim to the “just 5 more minutes..” trap. After a hard week at work followed by a couple of blissful days over the weekend it can be daunting heading into a new work week, especially if we know it going to be a difficult one.

      Hopefully the formula above can help bring about positive change so that Monday mornings are no longer something to dread!

      Good luck with the Friday afternoon planning – would love to hear how you go :-)

  • I’ll admit it – I’m usually one of those people that comes into Mondays feeling a tad unmotivated and lacking a certain *spring* in my step.

    I’m loving your suggestions, particularly the Monday morning meet up. I’m implementing this into my Monday routine and hopefully this will leave me feeling more energised and excited about the week ahead.

    Thanks for the tips Melina :-)

    • Melissa – welcome to The Pulse! I’m on the exact same train as you, I find it hard to get going on a Monday after a weekend of doing whatever I want!

      Melina’s got some great tips here – how about we both trial them next Monday, and then report back?

  • Fantastic idea girls – I look forward to your feedback.

    And I welcome any of our other readers to join in. Trial some of my tips (even if it’s only just one) and pop back over and let us know how it worked for you!

  • Not sure exactly where I heard this first, but it goes “find something you LOVE doing, you will never have to work hard again, it will all be fun, fun, fun!”.

    After 31 years wondering what would make me happy, I finally found my passion and have immersed myself into it since.

    I usually start every Monday @ 5:00, can hardly wait to get up and thrust myself into another week of what makes me happy. Being part of a competent team makes it even better. Some would say I have found the holy grail and I do count myself very fortunate.

    This is the long answer to your question, not so much of a tip as it is a life pursuit