Fanging it – Part 1

How should we transfer a client?


You know how twitchy I am about grocers.

Imagine how I felt having to change dentist!

This field report has lessons on how to transfer (or receive) a client, patient or customer.


Goodbye Mr Chips

I treasured my old dentist, as evidenced here and here.

When he retired for good, I was bereft.

He said he’d sold his practice to skilled people who shared his approach.

I wasn’t convinced.


Letter drop

A few weeks later, I got letter from the new practice.

It talked in friendly, familiar terms about:

  • Continued dental philosophy.
  • A leafy suburban oasis.
  • Getting to know me.
  • The stress of the unknown.

So far so good.

It also mentioned that my records had already been transferred for my convenience.

This was welcome news. A medical franchise I’d left years ago had been very snarky about sending my records to a new clinic.

Finally, the letter said the new dental practice would retain my old dentist’s fee schedule for a generous period.

My teeth needed cleaning, and one was sensitive to cool air. I needed a dentist.

All things considered, I decided to try this one rather than search from scratch.

So I rang, and was booked with Sue*.


Day of reckoning

When the day dawned, I was very nervous.

The longish drive gave me ample time to picture all that could go wrong.

Outside the practice, a sign bore three names with lots of letters.

When I saw Sue wasn’t on it, I figured I’d been given the work experience kid. And why not? They had nothing to lose.

Gritting my teeth (while I could) I forced myself into the reception area.


Form guide

The receptionist handed me a clipboard with a form.

I was puzzled. ‘Your letter said all my files had been transferred.’

She smiled. ‘Yes, but we still need you to fill this in.’

I sat to concentrate; it was hard.

Playing quite loudly was a heavy duty cover of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal:

Annie are you OK? Are you OK? Are you OK, Annie?!

[Repeat. A lot.]

I felt for Annie, who didn’t sound OK.

I was pretty freakin’ far from OK too.

My hand shook as I waded through the form:

Q.   Please name any aspect of dental surgery you feel anxious about.

A.   ALL.

Then, as the urge to flee threatened to consume,

the surgery door opened …



Tune in next time to see what happens when I come face to face with Sue.

Meanwhile, what do you think of this process so far?

Have you been either side of a customer transfer?

Have you been transferred?

How did it go?

Did it hurt?

Where, exactly?

Open up …

It’s time to








Paul Hassing | Founder & Senior Writer – The Feisty Empire