Episode 10: New online client portal drives collaboration and connectivity

The Savvy Accountant episode 10 with Rob Cameron

Host Jim Stewart (left) with MYOB Platform Strategy Manager Rob Cameron

When ‘The Savvy Accountant’ host Jim Stewart asks where the push came from to develop an online client portal for MYOB practice software, Rob Cameron doesn’t hesitate: “The changes that are going on in society and business at a broader level are incredible at the moment,” Rob says, “From Silicon Valley all across the world.

“But also it’s coming from clients,” he continues. “Clients are coming to us saying, “Listen, this is what we want”. It’s basically a convergence of these two things.”

There are two major things moving the accounting profession forward

And this duality is repeated through the interview with MYOB’s Platform Strategy Manager: “There are two major things that are moving [the accounting] profession forward. Number one is collaboration, so allowing you to eliminate any rekeying … getting the data as cleanly as possible, as early as possible. And that’ll drive better efficiencies as well as less risk because of less data entry problems.

“And the other amazing thing is connectivity. So the two – collaboration and connectivity – means that things that were never possible are now possible.”

Built for smartphones

One of the innovative features driving the portal is the fact that it’s being built primarily for smartphone access  for SMEs. this makes sense when one looks at research from the likes of the Gartner Institute, as Rob explains: “You can’t buy a dumb phone, they’re only smartphones now. The penetration rates of mobile phones in Australia is the highest in the world.”

And it’s the acceptance of apps that has driven the adoption of smartphones over desktops as the go-to choice for getting things done: “… the SME coming home and sitting on the couch and being able to do the three or four things that are holding up the accountant from doing their job; to be able to do that on a mobile device is absolutely the way of the future. And it should extend across anything, whether it be accounting, tax … anything they need to do can be done from a mobile device.”

You can watch Rob’s ATSA presentation of the new portal on YouTube.

And here’s MYOB CEO Tim Reed announcing the portal during his keynote address on day 1 of ATSA.


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